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Latest visit to GP

Last trip to GP very interesting! Due to my medical history and range of specialists I visit, I am one of 90 patients from the practice given direct access to a clerk (via dedicated phone) who can then arrange appointments, repeat prescriptions, treatments,etc. The payoff was answering questions (2 of which were):-

a) If in 10 years my conditions have deteriorated would I prefer to be cared for at home (albeit with a carer) or would I prefer to be accomodated in a nursing home?

b) Given the same timescale and condition would I plump for a DNR notice or not?

My answers were quite blunt-- 10 years ago I had no inkling of my conditions today; just how am I expected to forecast what my conditions will be in 10 years time? Will I still be here? Who knows?!?! Surely these matters are down to clinical decisions at or closer to the time.

On a lighter note I am back down to 10mg Prednisolone (down to 9 next week) without too many problems; I am receiving physio for bursitis/tendonitis in my shoulders and myofascial knotting in the small of my back. However, with the release of the muscular cramp the pain in the hips returned along with cramping in the leg muscles meaning I couldn't get compression hosiery on, resulting in blistering of the skin and triple layer bandaging back on. I now have vitamin E supplement prescribed.

You couldn't make it up, could you?

AND, 5 months after submitting an application for PIP and following a couple of phone calls where my suggestion was met with an embarrassed silence, I have a home meeting with ATOS arranged for next week.

And the question--Do you really have such a backlog that applicants have to ring up and chase the progress after 4.5 months OR are applications forwarded from DWP calendar-filed for 4 months after receipt in order to meet DWP criteria??

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