I have just realised I am about to have two days without food prior to having a colonoscopy - tomorrow (all day) and Wednesday till lunch time. How does this impact on taking Pred? THe instructions say have after food - but I won't be having food! Is it OK to have it without food?

I knew I had one day, and checked with the doctor, who said it would be OK to have it without eating, but completely forgot I can't having anything solid to eat tomorrow, and can only drink clear liquids.

Any suggestions? I am on 5mg/day at the moment.



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  • Hi Im on Steriods My last Colonoscopy I was on 20mg and I was fine taking them with water and no food. The hospital said it wasn't an issue, for just a couple of days.I have regular Colonoscopys and its never been a problem with any of my tablets, and I take a few. Hope this helps.


  • thanks Dovelady & Guinivere. I work up early this morning - before 5.00 so had a piece of bread, took my pred and went back to bed. Took the bowel prep at 7.00 (horrid stuff) so hopefully it will work out OK. Should be able to take tomorrow's pred before its nil by mouth. Just think it was bad that the endoscopy unit could not advise!

  • Just take your Pred as normal , maybe after your clear fluids, which can be strained chicken noodle soup or consommé . I've had a few colonoscopies and due another in a few weeks and it's been no problem. Good luck . Slightly off topic I know but this time I have been offered pain relief/ sedation as Entonox instead of Medazalam and Pethidine, I'm not sure what to do , I'd quite like both !! Has anyone just had the Entonox?

  • I had Etonox and Midozolam and a pain killer It was a breeze this time The last time I had a old school doc who was bend over Wop No sedation nought. I was in agony.But hes left now.I started on Etonox about 5 mins before procedure so was a bit woozy Then the Sedation Great When he came to shake my hand after it, I was so high I flung my arms round him and gave him a kiss This caused a lot of laughs.He said no one's ever kissed me before for doing this He was brilliant.

  • That sounds great I didn't realize there might be the option of the lot, I thought it was one or the other ! Last time it was awful even with the Midazolam and Pethidine, and at one point when they couldn't get a cannula in they said would I consider having it without sedation! I looked aghast and asked if any if them had ever had the procedure! Needless to say they found someone to get a needle into my rubbish veins. I also recently had a gastroscopy and was persuaded that it would all be simpler with just the throat spray , maybe for the staff as no sedated patient to recover but it was pure hell, never again!!

  • I,ve had 2 colonoscopies so far and have never been offered pain relief apparently they don't do pain relief at our local hospital so I was told by the nurse only sedation. I ended up with only gas and air. It was excruciating. At one point I told the idiot doing the procedure if he didn't stop hurting me so much I was going to kick him ( right foot was not far from his head) I will have to have a follow up in 3 years (last one was clear of polyps) and I am going to refuse unless they give me anesthetic.

  • Here in Italy you don't even get offered sedation. I had one done 2 years ago and it was fine. The doctor stopped any time I said and then proceeded far more gently to get round the corners. All over and done with in under an hour and on my way home. The worst thing was far and away the bowel prep - but I was congratulated on having done a very good job there :-)

  • Last time I had one I took double dose steroids etc the day before taking that horrible clearing out stuff and then took my usual dose after the procedure. Don't let them tempt you to have it without pain relief its


  • oh dear - that doesn't sound good! I have had them before - 1st time with a general anaesetic and the others with a sedative. they were great and i "woke up" without remembering anything! fingers crossed it goes ok tomorrow.

  • How unpleasant - when I had mine done it was after a light breakfast on day 1 that I couldn't eat so that was fine and then the next morning it was a mid-morning appt. I took my pred - was told that was OK - with plenty of water and it all seemed to be fine. It is taking pred long term without food that can cause problems and if you are taking omeprazole it shouldn't be a problem anyway.

  • Hi Helen I had a colonoscopy when I was down to 2.5 mg of steroids. I did not take steroids for the days that I had to fast, and after the colonoscopy I felt so well I stopped taking the steroids completely. Have been off them for over four years now. I am sure not taking them for a couple of days won't hurt you. In any event the stuff you have to take to clear the colon will automatically pass the steroid through without being absorbed fully by your body. Good luck with your procedure.

  • thanks Bethy - I managed to take my steriods a couple of hours before I took the horrid prep stuff so hopefully it will have been absorbed.

    Be glad when tomorrow is over and I can have something to eat - I am hungry!

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