Predisone impaired judgement?

Has anyone else experienced impaired judgement as a result of the predisone? I have been a little manic and stepped on quite a few toes in trying to 'help' or 'fix' other people's problems. I humbly discovered this yesterday. I crossed the line twice, once with my actions and once with my words. Anyone else experience this? How did you reign it in?

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  • I find my concentration has gone to pot. I even find it difficult listening to the radio and absorbing what they are saying. I was an avid radio 4 listener and now I just cannot concentrate on what they are saying. I also seem to get the wrong end of the stick, but I think I may have done that before pred. My brain is definitely more addled though.

  • Hi Piglet and all others who are experiencing "brain dead" times. I have been so concerned this was caused by TA or GCA and will be the "new norm" for my life. I am so thankful to hear it is the prednisone... Who knows how long and at what pace, but just knowing it is prednisone gives me "hope"! I started at 50mg. and now down to 27.5! I forget mid sentences, feel brain fogged, and words come with difficulty. All of these worsen when I am tired. Who would have thought I would even be able to pronounce Arteritis , little known "have" this immune disorder. Could be worse, I am thankful for my sight and being able to walk everyday and know someday "this too will pass". Linda

  • Yes - it is a common side effect I'm afraid.

    The only solution I can think of for moderate effects is to tell people and ask for forgiveness in the aftermath and get people onside in advance to step in and moderate your actions.

    If it gets too bad - speak to your GP as it is possible to use medication to calm it down.

  • Oh yes, I'm sure I speak for many when I say I lost my powers of concentration - couldn't read a book or do a crossword. And I know many people have said they even started swearing! As to how to "reign it in", for me it became a case of accepting it whilst it lasted. Know that you will get back to 'normal' as you reduce the dose.

  • I passed all my PMR&GCA .information packs & video around my family& friend. it saved trying to explain the effects of this strange journey.Dave

  • This week, giving a lift to a friend to a meeting, I missed my turning and had to be reminded. Not sure if this is an effect of the pred or my advancing years or the fact that I have been absent-minded since childhood. Perhaps all three. I do lose the thread of a conversation more than I used to , but then again, I'm going slightly deaf in one ear.

  • I think its a great idea to give the information pack to family and friends as daveD suggested,it is hard for us to understand what is going on with our bodies never mind other people.

    WE here can offer each other such great advise and support,we know there is someone there for us always.

    And yes my consentration is all over the place to.

  • Yes

    It is the unlisted side effect, called 'Steroid Brain Fog' or 'Treacle Brain'. It does get better slowly.

    Dave and scotchlassie, I am so pleased to read that the DVD was helpful. To read that means that all the work put into it was well worth it.

  • Thanks everyone for all your advice and kind words. Where would I be able to get the information package and the DVD? Is it on this site? Also want to say I get to drop down to 20mg starting tomorrow and then see how I feel. Wish me luck :-)

  • Hi all I can relate to all posts ,I forget things have low attention span,tend to jump the gun on things and be wrong.Swearing a lot more ,its the physical side the tiredness the inability to do what oncde could frustrating also.Brain Fog and Addled brain good way to describe it.Been on high doses for over a year now lowest was 15 20 alternative days.Now on 25mg daily.

  • the Brain fog& Treacle Brain are one of My most frustrating side effects, in conversation i find myself just stopping in mid sentence not a clue what i was saying, folk just look at me as if i am a bit Harry& Billy.I find i have to realey work hard not to put my foot in it, I find my pottering in my small garden & a understanding family help to keep me going. it has taken me about 10mins just type this. Stay well one & all. just to add i was already a bit of a Old Grump.

  • Hi Dave I was doing garden Yesterday in short burst with sitting for regular breaks .I was knackered took me 2 hrs to do what pre gca pmr and all the other conditions took me 1hr.I like you stop mid sentence and have to really focus ,i do that and sometimes still get it wrong! .Where and how did you get the dvd as would like to pass it around family like yourself .Are you able to work Dave ?.I've been medically retired from work at 51,so a new life for .Just got to accept our lot and console ourselves by saying folk with worse illness which is true.

  • LO Mick. i retired at 70 it kept me active & mixing with with folk. i hit the Brick Wall on my 73 birthday, a few weeks earlyer i had been playing football of sort, with family, kids& dog on yorkshire must be hard for you at your age.I still have a good family my garden.and enjoy a good pint of REAL ALE now and then.I nearly forgot, the dvd was from pmrgca north east. i am sure one of the girls will give you more info.all the best for journey Dave.back to my pottering outside

  • Mick, the DVD, 'You are not Alone' is available from the PMRGCA North East Support Group, Email:

  • Ive just joined the forum the one where you get a pack pain 10 £ as on ill health pension .Will that dvd be part of package im willing to pay more for a copy if not .Just wondered if the same as pmrgcane the one ive joined or a national.Brain fog and confusion starting I think .Thanx for your replies dave and celtic take good care of yourselves.My wife is off to see paul weller at the mouth of the tyne festival ,it would be too much for me standing all night ,Missed out on ther durham miners gala ,had invite I told my pal id slow them down .These are things ive got to decline now with illnesses .Frustrating but the quicker we accept it the better.Ill just have to put up with a couple beers and the 3rd and 4th place play off game in world cup.

  • Mick, yes if you've just joined the PMRGCA North East group who run one of the other PMR forums, the package you're referring to will contain the DVD. Enjoy the beers!

  • The DVD is available on its own, visit the website click on 'our little shop' and fill in the order form and post it to the address given. It costs £5 which includes P&P. Overseas buyers the price is £7.

    The information pack which includes the DVD comes with the membership fee.

    The PMRGCAuk also has an information pack, but no DVD.

    Most of the Support Groups have information packs as well.

    Why not join your nearest support group or the national organisation.

  • Hi Sambucca. I live in Toronto, Canada and can't find any local support groups in the GTA. I found this group on line. I will check out the link and see about purchasing it as an overseas buyer, thx!

  • Sambucca, I'm in Hamilton and have been looking for support groups here as well. The closest I could find was a Fibromyalgia Pain Support group which runs here from Sept to June. My husband goes back to the Rheumatologist this week. Perhaps she will have some suggestions?

    I think I'll order the DVD as well. Thanks to Dave for the suggestion!

  • Now I know where you live, I could have told you that currently, apart from a Group in Arizona the UK is the only place so far.

    However, on the other forum, there is a lady who lives in NWT and a couple of others. It is run in a very different style to this one, just like a virtual support group. Takes some getting used to but its great.

  • Sambucca ive joined national one buy will join ne one as im from the area thanks

  • I, too, am on maintenance dose of 5 mg. I hope that it is low enough, that side effects won't be horrible. My guy and family understands I have low cortisol. And stress makes it worse, so I take no crap, no drama, and it helps some. I pray to be off this someday though. Other people do not get it. I hope to get some energy back someday soon.

  • Hi Manic,

    Before I got this nasty illness and was put on pred, I was an outspoken Sagitarian born in Yorkshire - a double whammy! as far as speaking one's mind - no contest!

    On pred----------------------------------I'm off the chart, so to speak, but, how can I explain? I can't. Only my close family and close friends understand.

    One day, I pray, I'll be off this drug, 5mg now and working to get off! Then, I'll be back to normal----see 1st sentance.

    If you have love in your heart, stop the guilty feelings,

    Pats. xxx

  • Thanks Pats. I feel like any personality trait is magnified 100x. I have OCD tendencies and love to fix and organize things. I really thought there were some people that would really benefit from me fixing and organizing them. I talked to my daughter today and I am to text her before I decide to fix or organize anybody. As I said at the beginning, I am judgement impaired... Not going to make any major decisions and keep my credit card in my wallet. My daughter suggested i keep my credit card in her wallet. I told her I am judgement impaired not crazy

    Not so smarti99

  • Smarti99

    Reading your last two sentences, you're certainly not "judgement impaired" either! Thank you for my first chuckle of the day!

  • Nice just to see folk just chatting it seems to give the forum a lift.

  • After I was diagnosed earlier this year I went on a spending spree, I love crafting & knocked my credit card badly. I have always been the one to keep control of our finances so boy did mess up, fortunately its not so bad that I can't get out of it. But I was defiantly out of control, hub spoke to me about it & I couldn't have cared less so, so, not me, now down to 40mg & feeling a bit more in control. x

  • Hi, I have just boiled some good veg soup over while reading and smiling at all the above replies. Up to now I thought my ' new strange head' as I call it was due to the GCA as it was one of my first symptons with the fatigue and aching, many months before anyone believed I was ill. I had to wait until every single blood test was off the wall. I now hope that it will go when the meds do .. Maybe mastermind will call. My specialist subject GCA info from this forum. Soup anyone ? Bye.

  • Yes. And I get emotional and anger more easily. I do tell myself it is the Pred. and low Cortisol. So, I do not react badly towards people.

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