Trying to deal with dry skin

Is anyone dealing with large patches of dry skin, which peel? I have one of these, on the side of my face and a large patch on my left thigh above my knee. Could it be from the prednisolone? I am using pure raw African Shea Butter 100% Natural, which I picked up in Harlem, here in New York, on my way home from a human rights meeting. It says it has a "rich content of vitamins E &F" (quoting from the container and the African man, who sold it to me). Is anyone dealing with this?

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  • Yes, I have and there are several I know of with this problem. Here I have used a gel/cream called Doublebase or Diprobase and I seem to remember someone saying that the American version is called Glaxocreme (or Glaxobase).

    I had it very badly on my arms at one point - if they weren't scraped, grazed, cut or bruised, they were flaking and I looked as if I had had a run-in with the axe man. My husband refused to go out with me at one point unless I covered them up!

    I'm not sure that such a rich cream will help. The good thing about Doublebase is that you can apply it before you bath/shower and it forms a barrier against the water. It can be applied again once you have finished and my skin (now I don't have so many unsightly injuries) looks really good.

  • This Doublebase or Glaxocreme (which I will research, I haven't seen it in drugstores) sounds good. Will try them. The shea butter works very well for me. You have to wait a few minutes after applying it, for it to be absorbed, but once it is absorbed, there is no greasy residue. It helps the dryness, tremendously, and my skin looks and feels really well, when I use it. Will try Glaxocreme. Thank you.

  • If the shea butter works well why do you want anything else? Someone else in the US asked this recently and I found a link to the eczema site:

    where you can see advice and suggestions for dealing with dry skin. One page lists all the brands available in the US with the pluses and minuses listed.

  • Have you tried good old E45 cream? - I got it on prescription from my Doctor. Contrary to the experience of many posting here, pred has eliminated my eczema and dry skin! Just shows that everyones reaction to medication is different. Incidentally over the years I tried many moisturisers and my dermatologist said there was anecdotal evidence to show that certain creams stop being effective after a while so it is worth experimenting!

  • Hi dimas62, am in the U.S. Not sure what E45 cream is -- ? Will ask at the drugstore. Glad the pred helped with the eczema and dry skin. My skin was somewhat oily before taking the pred (now, two years). I have been amazed to see these patches of dry skin --- and sometimes peeling ! understand that some stop working. Thanks, will see if I can find some E45.

  • I have it also, on my arms & legs. I rub in lotion while still in the shower after drying off so it will absorb more, but it does not seem to help. It is awful.

  • Hi honeyadams, I, too, rub the lotion in, as the skin is drying. The dry patches do return. agree, it is not good. side effect of pred ?

  • Hi Whittlesey, I have tried every cream and lotion, from Doctor and Chemist etc, nothing makes a difference im 58 and the skin on forearms look like my Mothers did when she was 90 paper thin and crepey, but do be carefull as last year someone bumped into me in a store and I fell against a shelf the skin on my arm ripped back it took 4 weeks trips back and forth to nurse to get it to heal, I have loads of scars on my arms now and terrified of wearing short sleeves but I have read that once off preds skin goes back to normal, take care.

  • Yes, mine has although I'm not really off Pred, it's much better now and I only bruise if it is a really hard knock. Still a bit dry, but that could be age!

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