A few weeks ago I mentioned on here that I have commenced nitrofurantoin for a water infection didn't want to take them because I remember having them before but can't remember what side effects I had, this time however they have made me feel awful, totally lacking in energy.nauseous,headache the list goes on. What have anyone else suffered on the horrible things.

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  • never taken them myself and nor would I... after two doses my poor Mum had a bad reaction and ended up in hospital. Apparently they are known to be pretty brutal in terms of side effects...hope you feel better soon

  • I feel awful took my first dose at 6pm and I'm sitting here with terrible pains in my head vomiting and pains and pins and needles in my arms and legs, scared to go to sleep in case I stop breathing, I'm never taking one again, I feel worse now than before I took it .

  • Winnie I hope you are feeling a little better by now...but if not please give your doc a call and get some advice.

  • Feel a bit better now I finally slept at 4 this morning , definitely won't be taking another one thanks

  • Lots of people find taking abx make them feel really disgusting. Whatever the instructions say - taking them on an empty stomach almost always make people feel sick. Nitrofurantoin is one that every instruction says to take with food - not just a biscuit and a drink but a decent snack.

    Sometimes you wonder which is worse, the UTI or the cure. But it doesn't alter the fact that nitrofurantoin is one of the world's "Essential Medicines" and is far more use than new fangled fancy drugs that bugs have become resistant to. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I have always taken them with food and they still make me feel sick. I finished them last week but I still feel awful in spite of having live yogurts and probiotic capsules.

  • Oh, poor you! It's bad enough feeling rough while you are taking them but for it not to go away afterwards is really not nice. Does ginger help? Some people swear by it for feeling nauseated.

  • I will try that I have some in the cupboard. One good thing is I,m not hungry so I might lose some weight!!!

  • Nitrofurantoin gave me severe muscle aches before I had PMR so it's one I will never take again.

  • They make me feel sick so I always take them with food...a bit awkward when I take them every six hours through the night as well. Also take probiotics and plenty of live yoghourt with them. I still consider them to be my friend though as they're the only ones that seem to work for me.

  • If anyone who keeps on suffering from UTI's can take a wineglass of Cranberry Juice everyday, this helps.

    Another thing is a teaspoonful of Bi-carb in as little water as possible, every 4 or 6 hours for a day, can and does knock it on the head. Its awful to take, but it works for me.

  • Hi

    My GP has it on my banned list - I felt like death, breathless, nauseous, weak, took to my bed even though we were away in our motorhome. I wouldn't take them again. Hope you are feeling better now

  • Had a UTI out of the blue some time ago which panicked me as I have only one kidney and chronic kidney disease. I had awoken in the early hours shaking violently, running to the loo constantly and passing blood. By the time I'd seen a GP with the specimen and picked up the prescription I had completely recovered. The only thing I'd done was to have a glass of warm water containing a few squeezes of lemon. Rang GP and it was agreed not to start medication unless symptoms returned. They didn't, thank goodness. Lemon juice or coincidence? Whatever, I won't hesitate to down the juice again at the first sign of a repeat.

  • I'm now currently taking one at night Wendy. Feel awful on them, but realise it's worth it if it keeps the UTI's at bay. I have it with toast . If I have without food or something light , like a biscuit , I get an awful headache and feel nauseous. I used to have Septrim years ago and always ended up with mouth ulcers. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • I find D-mannose keeps urinary tract infections away. Very expensive though!

  • Felt so exhaustedly tired this morning I rang the rheumatology clinic at our local hospital, imagine my surprise when the rheum's secretary offered to put me through to a designated nurse at the rheumatology clinic. You can ring up and speak to her direct. trying to talk to the doctor is like trying to talk to god. She was very helpful and told me to double my present dose for 5 days and then drop back to my original dose. She then said if I don't feel any better then I will have to come in to the clinic which she can arrange. People complain about our hospital but they have always been unfailingly helpful to me including my 5 ambulance visits for collapses/unconcious episodes.

  • Starting day 3 of 7 for bladder infection...hate the side effects 

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