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Does anyone else get allergic reactions from vitamin supplements?

I've had PMR for four years and am down to 4mg of Medrol with the odd flare now and then. I am getting rather fed up because I would like to take a multivitamin supplement but every one I've tried so far has given me an allergic reaction, a sensation of pins and needles and a hot tingling sensation. It's so uncomfortable I have to stop taking the tablets. It's rather an expensive process as I'm left with lots of tablets I can't use.

I recently had a flu vaccine and was given a fizzy vitamin C drink, that gave me a really bad reaction, I discovered that as well as vitamin C it contained something called MSM.

I have a reasonably good diet with lots of vegetables but I'm not a big fruit eater. I wondered if it was PMR or prednisone related.

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It is likely to be something in the tablet and MSM might be a culprit.

However - if you have a decent diet with lots of fruit and veg or all different colours you almost certainly don't really need a multivitamin pill. In fact, too much of some vitamins can be quite bad for you. Supplements are really only needed by someone with a restricted diet - so don't worry about it.


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