Macaroon Danger

Hi Everyone, a quick hopefully humorous note. Part of my heritage is Jewish (my mother was half Jewish and we also have a Quaker heritage, interesting combination) and a friend gave me a box of macaroons for Passover. They are lovely and I love Jewish food. Last night, I thought I would have just one of these lovely sweet cookies. Just one, wasn't just one. It was many. Having been doing pretty well on the anti inflammatory diet. Today, regrets, small headache, dizziness.

My suggestion, if a good friend does this, don't hurt their feelings, but wrap it up, after they leave, don't open it. And give it as a gift to a non GCA PMR friend or donate it to a food pantry. They are lovely, beautiful concotions, but not for me at this time. Drinking gallons of tea, orange juice, apple juice, water, today. For Passover can have many of the foods, chicken, the bitter, a little of the honey with apple, but not these.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter Everyone. To a better year, as free as possible of these diseases.

All my best, Whittlesey U.S.

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I haven't thought about macaroons, although they are readily available here they have never been my first choice. Fresh cream meringues spell danger to me and I have to walk quickly past the displays but it takes all my will power! (And then sometimes I fail).


Agreed, polkdadot. The coconut in macaroons is pretty nice, but they are laced with sugar. One might be fine or ok, but for me that's not possible. agreed on the meringue, just don't look. think fresh kiwis or strawberries. laughing -- We Will Get There. thanks, Happy Holiday


You don't have to eat them ALL at once! One at a time and at the same time as a meal (as dessert) will minimise the sugar rush. And spread out the pleasure :-)


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