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I went to my GP yesterday to discuss the results of my last blood test. The CRP was up to 26 and ESR to 19. I wasn't too surprised as I hadn't felt brilliant last week and my shoulders are still painful. The trouble with that is that I also have arthritis in my shoulders and it's difficult to tell which ache is OA and which is PMR. I have got down to 1mg and have been told to stay on it instead of decreasing as I'd been planning. I wonder if she should have recommended an increase.

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Hi Anno

All I can say is that I'm sure if my rheumy found me to have a CRP of 26 and at the same time "not feeling brilliant and shoulders still painful", he would have recommended increasing my dose.

However, is there any possibility that you were suffering with some sort of infection/virus at the time of your blood tests last week, which might account for you not feeling brilliant.

If you're still feeling low after the next few days, if it was me I would increase the dose back up for a while and see if you feel better, perhaps to 3mg or wherever you last felt more comfortable with your shoulders. That should provide an answer but, either way, hopefully the Dr has asked you to get your bloods repeated.

Hope you feel better soon.


I hope she said she'd like to check the ESR and CRP again soon. If the 1mg isn't quite enough and there is still some inflammation it could get going again. If the pain is from the OA it should stay at a similar level - if it is the PMR it will get worse.


The test will be repeated in a fortnight's time.


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