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I have noticed that there are many persons who have had the flu jab, but when i contacted my surgery they advised against it as it could not

be good because of taking the pred.Any observations as i am thinking maybe i should go and have the jab



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My Rheumy always asks if I've had my flu jab and tells me to avoid coughs and colds if I can. Oddly enough, since I've been on steroids I've had fewer infections of any kind.

It's not a live vaccine so there is no reason why you shouldn't have it done. I can't understand why your surgery is telling you not to - exactly who were you speaking to?


I had the flu jab - no discussion about whether it was OK to do so - but had no ill effects. I am on 6mg Pred at present. Good luck.


Good morning Lionking50 and I wish you a Happy New Year . I had mixed reactions to the Flu Jab because other years it seemed to upset me and I seemed to pick up tummy bugs and colds etc .. My GP put this down to the fact that I had been in contact with People with these viruses before the Flu Jab.. I queried this with him this year and he said that I should have a Flu Jab and a Pneumonia jab as well.. The Practice Nurse decided to give me the jabs 2 weeks apart so as not to cause a PMR flare -up and luckily it went well and that was back in November. I have had PMR for 9 years now and still on 14 mg Prednisolone with many attempts to get down .5 mg is the lowest I have got to a few times and here I go again on another reduction plan.. Best wishes trish 29


As the others have said - who on earth did you speak to? That is utter rubbish and you belong to one of the "at risk" groups who should get the jab. It is, as has been said, not a live vaccine so is perfectly safe for anyone. If you develop a cold/viral infection/upset stomach after having it done it is 99.99% certain it was something you were hatching anyway. There is a lot of drivel talked about the "risks" of the flu jab, most of it is totally inaccurate and real flu is horrendous and takes several weeks to get over. My husband missed his jab last year because he was ill when he went up - he forgot to go back and caught the flu. He was in bed for 5 days and it turned to pneumonia - he only had the all-clear in November after a second CT scan. I was with him the entire time and didn't even have a sniffle. You know you have had real flu because you go from OK to can't get out of bed in about 3 hours!

I'm flabbergasted sometimes at the lack of knowledge exhibited by healthcare staff about PMR and GCA but this really beats the band! I had to fight in the UK as well - here I am encouraged to get the jab.

Like polkadot I've had fewer infections since being on pred, whatever dose it was. I haven't had the pneumonia jab as it is a awful faff here - he'd had the one you got in the UK which needed to be repeated every 5 years but has now had the new version which is for life.


Thanks to all who replied to my question, i have got to ring my GP thurs. will discus about having the flu jab. Happy new year to everyone.


Do have the flu jab. It is really important as you have vastly reduced immunity against colds/flu etc due to taking prednisolone!

I have had flu and pneumonia jab to protect myself.

All the best

Happy and healthy New Year to you.


I had the jab but was not too good for a couple of days afterwards. I was on 7mgs Preds then.


Lionking - My rheumy, whilst not advising against the flu jab, is of the opinion that it can cause a flare in some patients. I didn't have the flu jab during my years on steroids, but this is a very personal decision that only you can make. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


The Rheumatology Department at my hospital sent out a letter to patients listing those who definitely SHOULD have the flu jab. People taking pred were top of the list. I have had it every year for nearly twenty years and have never had a problem.


Hi lionking 50,

I've had the flu jab for the last 3 years, whilst having PMR. I have always been fine afterwards. As has been said, it is a dead vaccine, but saying that some folks do feel a little 'off colour' the next day, but that's all.

Was the person who advised you suggesting that it would be better for you to risk getting a 'life threatening' illness. Oh Boy! You really would need a massive increase in steroids if that was the outcome!

Take the advice given here - have the jab.

All the best,



hello Pats thanks for your response booking my jab tomorrow, happy new year lionking(Ken)


My Rheumy insisted I have my flu jab, I have asthma and work on the frontline of the NHS. As others have said it is not a live vaccine so there is no reason to not have it. If you get flu it is likely to cause a flair in PMR symptoms. I am fortunate in that since starting Pred a year ago I have had fewer infections, and my lymphocyte count has improved. My PMR is thought to have possibly been caused by a flu vaccine I had 2 years ago, symptoms started 4 days after vaccine, but I still do not hesitate to have it. Good luck I hope your GPs reconsider, Runrig


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