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PMR A Volcanic Condition

PMR in its 6th. year. Down to 3mgm Prednisolone. Had a fall cracked some ribs and bang PMR erupts up to 10mgm. now. Based on my past experience I know it will settle down again but having to endure all that goes with it, is frustrating. Happier days ahead?

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I certainly hope so, I found some very happy days in between the not-so-good days and I wish the same for you.

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Hope your ribs are repairing well and the pain is going. If you have to up the dose to 10mg because of pain do you then have to slowly slowly reduce again - say 1 mg per month, or can you drop more rapidly to 3mg as you had been there before?


Yes, Suzie, it's usually possible to drop down more quickly to the dose at which you last felt comfortable before the flare. For instance, following a flare at 3mgs,(pains had started worsening at 5mg) my rheumy increased me back to 10mg for 2 weeks, 7.5 for 2 weeks followed by alternate days of 7.5 and 5mgs for 2 weeks, then back to 5. However, as 5mg had been the real point of the inflammation taking hold, he then kept me there for 5-6 months to ensure that the inflammation didn't have a chance to take hold again, following which I continued to reduce successfully to zero.

Michaelegan - I hope your happier days are just around the corner - get well soon.


Thank you Celtic and Susieh I shall be gingerly reducing the prednisolone over the coming months and live in hopes that one day the pmr will give upon me!!!. Thank you for your support.


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