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GCA flare

Hi all

just like to update you. I rang doctors at 8am Doctor phoned back 8.30 gave me an appointment for 10.50 to have bloods taken and see GP after, it looks as though I have a flare up of GCA, she put me on 60mg preds and made an appointment for me to see eye specialist tomorrow morning at 9am. I am still feeling a bit delicate but coping. I must say I have had fantastic support from Ipswich Hospital and my GP surgery and this web site has also been a great support too. Thankyou to you all. Doreen.

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Good to hear you were dealt with efficiently, Doreen, and well done for seeking help sooner rather than later.

If there are any questions we can help with please do ask.


Thankyou polkadotcom


Hello again Dorene - I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit delicate but it's good to hear what a helpful and caring GP you have. I hope you soon start to feel much better.


Thankyou celtic


So glad had good GP and reacted fast ,, ,been there and know how worried you are so keep smiling ,,hope all goes well .


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