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Hi I am 50 year old married with two adult kids and 5 grandkids. I was diagnosed at 16, but had had 'grumbling appendix' for years, when they took appendix out it was ok. With more experience it was possibly a cyst bursting :(. I had trouble with infections and cysts bursting so had my first nephrectomy in 1991 (29 yrs old). I went onto dialysis in 1998 (36 yrs old) Transplant( Cadaver in 2000) 38 years. This lasted 11 years until 2011, after having another nephrectomy the previous Dec.

I am on APD, but have been on CAPD. I work in a vibrant Nursery/Reception class, and have done so for many years. I am very lucky they have kept ny job as i have had several long spells of illness. I travel with my dialysis equipment, or have it delivered if its abroad. I went to Canada to visit my brother and everything was delivered for me. You just need to be a bit more organised. No more last minute or spur of the minute breaks lol.

I would be lying if i said i felt 100 0/0 all the time, but i sure feel better than before dialysis.

There are a lot of my family members with ADPKD ranging from my grandad down to my grandson. Just a brief outline.

Silv :)

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