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I haven't been here in a while, dealing with extreme fatigue, I was being tested for everything and reason. The last test I did was a sleep test which came back saying I had mild sleep apnea, I still haven't spoken to my doctor about the result.

I had an appointment with my Nephrologist yesterday, so the day before I called and asked if my doctor was going to perform any physical examination on me or if it was just going to be verbal, and could we do it over the phone, so we did.

Update on Jynarque: I have been taking 45mg and 15mg 11/30/2019 twice a day. I have adjusted well no problems with side effects and my labs are great yay! Yesterday we discuss moving to a higher dosage of 60mg and 30mg. I will start when I receive them.

I hope with Covid 19 spreading, I hope that you guys are taking the necessary precaution as we have a chronic disease, some of us on dialysis and dealing with other illnesses, please be careful. I had labs this morning so I went in very early to avoid the large crowds the did a little shopping then home. Get as much information as possible.

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