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hi my husband was diagnosed with pkd a couple of months ago he has 42% kidney function and cysts on his liver,the last week hes been in so much pain on the right side of his back hes taking co codomal but its not making any question is is there anything else he can do to ease this pain as its getting him down now. all so should he be drinking more now? were in the uk .thankyou

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should he be drinking more water ?


it allso runs in the family his dad is on dialysis only has 9% funtion


well his belly is swollen and they said its his liver also his kidneys are 18cm long when they should be 10cm.yes his urine outake is normal


I am sorry your husband is experiencing pain. This could be due to a burst cyst or an infection in a cyst or the urinary tract. He should see a GP as soon as possible to check for infection and get antibiotics. Cyst aspiration may be recommended but it's not a long-term treatment and is usually used when an infection cannot be cleared up through antibiotics.

If it's chronic pain, and he feels it all the time, he should ask the GP for referral to a pain specialist. There are many different pain killers. He can also try non-drug therapies such as warm pads, relaxation exercises or Tens machines.

We have more information on the PKD Charity website

All the best


thankyou ill pass this on x


Hi There

I to have large cysts on kidneys and liver, causing pain around my right side mostly a deep burning aching pain that takes over your life. I tried conventional pain relief, TENS machine, Lignocaine patches heat patches all of them offered short term pain relief. I have undergone the pain of cyst aspiration which works in the short term but the cysts are just replaced or refilled and the pain returns. I eventually got a referral to a pain control specialist and now take pregabalin and the pain has stopped. It is really worth asking your GP to refer you once you are sure it is not infection causing this bout of pain.

Hope this helps

Christine x


Agree pkd took over my life and not much helps me.


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