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So people, in 2017 I had two cysts drained intervention radiology on my left kidney, it has helped a great deal. The right kidney seems to be problematic, so I scheduled an appointment and will be having the procedure done on the right @ 3:30pm its done on an out patient basis. I will share the experience. 🙏🏽

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Thank you and good luck!

Please do I haven’t heard of this before.

I’m really interested so as much deets as you feel comfortable with please.

Thank you so much

Hope it all goes well PaigeyPaigeForLife.

Thinking of you.


Nice Share, Our prayers are with you


Good luck my friend, yes keep us posted xxx

best of luck!

Hi Rick,

I have my egfr 48,I eat rice two times a day before but now I stopped.

I started eating fruits like grapes, all types of cherries, pears, plum, pineapple, apple and white egg but difficult to choose good which are less with sodium, potassium and phorporous... Do we have to check on protein too ???

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Rick234 in reply to Wmspl

Sorry only saw it now, wrong topic...

To be fair I’m not an expert in diet, except for the low sodium and moderate protein, which is controversial...

I will tell you this you are doing great but ask your Nephrologist to recommend you to a nutritionist.

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