Desperately seeking a Specialist!


I am desperately searching for a pelvic specialist anywhere in the UK (or elsewhere). I need to see someone who specialises in the pelvic ligaments, tendons and nerves as I have been seen by other doctors who have ruled everything else out. I know i have nothing gynaecological wrong and I have undergone several MRI scan, X-Rays, bone scans and ultra sounds etc all of which have picked nothing up.

I have suffered with this chronic pain for over 5 years now and it has been unbearably bad for over 3 years now, I have to walk with the aid of crutches (for over 3 years) and struggle with all daily activities and tasks, which with 3 young children you can imagine is difficult. I am on strong levels of Morphine along with several other medications.

I have recenlty seen a neurosurgeon but he does not think it is referred pain from my back, although he is going to rescan my lower spine to rule this out I have also seen a female physion specialist who wondered whether it could be anything to do with pudenal nerve, although the neurosurgeon ruled this out.

I am at the end of my tether now and would really appreciate any specialists who you all may be able to recommend. I have searched the internet and have found the London Pelvic Clinic based on Harley Sreet and I have used the 'contact us' form on their website but had no response. I cannot find a telephone number for them anywhere and have even telephoned several clinic on Harley Street to ask them. Has anyone else ever used this clinic please?

Thank you all in advance!!


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  • For pelvic nerve specialist consultants

    There is Dr Gareth Greenslade in Bristol Frenchay Hospital

    or privately at st Mary's hospital (nuffield)

    Dr'd natasha Curran

    and Dr Andrew Baranowski in london . Dr Curren is ONLY NHS dr B does both.

    There is the London nerve centre and Professor Carlstead

    and also Dr Jenner there does Sacroiliac injections and piriformis botox for instance.

    There is also Dr de Mello in Manchester for pelvic nerve problem diagnosis.

    Both he and Dr Greenslade studied under Prof Robert in Nantes France.

    HOWEVER, you may have already had physiotherapy ?? although you didn't mention it. . . . .I would say that you should have a physio evaluation of the pelvis, including a pelvic floor physio evaluation too

    . Most therapists will be able to see if you have any miss alignment and/or pelvic muscle issues. Some work on these may help.

    I have forgotten the contact details of another Dr in London but I'm sure Jaquieb will give his details as she sees him. Would like his details too ;) j xx (lost them, me = duh!!)

    My problem is muscle and nerve pain so I don't really know of any one else for ligaments or tendons but feel sure a goo physiotherapist will be able to help with that.

    Take care,


  • Hi Helen,

    Thank you so much for all the information you have given me, I will definitely contact them!

    I have undergone 2 years of seeing various physiotherapists. They have all ruled out pubic disfuncion etc. One did pick up that my pelvis is slightly out of alignment but did not think that this would be the cause of all my pain. I have also seen a female physio specialist who checked out all my pelvic floor muscles etc and could not find anything wrong although she did wonder if there was a problem with my pudendal nerve, however the neurosurgeon I saw did not think that I have anything wrong here.

    I have done an 8 week course of hydrotherapy but this was too painful for me to continue with. I have now also been discharged from physio as there was nothing helpoing me and all the exercises left me in too much pain.

    The right hand side of my groin/pelvis is extemely tender to touch and this is where my pain stems. The only thing that has been discussed by the doctors I have seen is that the tendon around this area is inflamed.

    Thanks again Helen,

    Jessica x

  • Did the physios check your trigger points? under your ribs at the back (very awkward to find yourself) on each side are trigger points (look up trigger pain). when these fire off they can cause all sorts of pain and dysfunction in the pelvis.

    These trigger points cause me pain like a kidney infection, pins and needles in my crotch area, nausea, disturbed bowel and bladder patterns. Stabbing pains in my intestines and ovaries. Thankfully not all at the same time.

    Its easy to treat with accupressure, press on the point for a few seconds and release. Repeat as often as you like. The physio can show you how to do it, although you may need help to reach it properly.

    General physics states that any degree of malalignment will have an affect on the rest of the body. Think of the Eiffel Tower, loosen one bolt and the whole structure becomes unstable and strain is put upon other supporting parts. The same happens with the human skeleton. Your malalignment may be natural, or the result of compensation to a previous injury, and should be addressed, even if only to rule it out for sure as a cause.

    I have heard of good results from other people using Chinese physiotherapy. This is a mix of accupuncture, infrared heat and body massage. Not for the faint hearted as the massage part can be quite violent. After the first session, they reported feeling balanced on both feet, straighter and very surprised with a lot less pain. Andcthis effect lasted a few days This would be a 6 week course. The benefit of this is that they treat the body as a whole unit of problems and not the pain itself. If I lived nearer the city, I would do this, but travelling expenses on top of the fee is too much. You can have one session to try it to see if it helps before committing to 6 weeks.

    If you have exhausted all avenues, then it may be time to accept that this pain message relates to a previous injury or trauma and has not switched off.

  • I had a scan of my pelvis 3 years ago. It was MR neurography rather than an ordinary MRI. It did pick up that I have pudendal nerve signal intensity on the rh side, which does correlate with my symptoms. I guess that is a possibility especially if you do have insurance. Mine was done at Medtel although they are now called umi diagnostics.

    I wouldn't normally suggest this as it can be expensive and it isn't foolproof as in often nothing is seen even if there is a problem, but if you are running out of options it could be considered. Best to have the info at least even if you do nothing with it. I am definitely not advocating that you spend money on this sort of thing as it would be a long shot.

    The scan did also show gross enthesitis in my 'glute' entheses which is where the muscle meets the bone. I have an idea that this could be seen on an ordinary MRI scan but that would need to be checked out. Obviously a pelvic MRI scan would be less expensive and they do them everywhere.

    What about trying a gluten free diet? Gluten can cause all sorts of problems of an inflammatory nature which can result in pain.

    Cognitive therapies and pain management is always worthwhile as zanna is suggesting.

    Have you had your piriformis muscle checked out by any physiotherapist? If it is problematic there are some easy stretches that may help.

  • I also had the MRN done at Medtel. It was the best detailed report that I have had done overthe yearhs, albeit not entirely conclusive that I had PNE.

    The Doc Helen is Khaled Ayazi at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield and Whittington London, NHS and Kings Oak Hosp in Enfield privately. Best by far without a doubt!

  • Hi, have you checked cauda equina out?....i was with dr ayazi who was incompetent beyond belief, was at whittington pain clinic for two years, dr ayazi refused to admit it was my spine, telling me i wasn't a qualified medical professional and that my spine damage was on the wrong side to be causing my problems, promptly discharged me to see a shrink, i had one appointment that was an utter joke, i went on to see a dr matt parton at queens square who promptly lost my scans and in the end couldn't find anything and discharged me, i was forced to go private, i saw a dr ben okafor who diagnosed me with in minutes as having cauda equina problems, best £240 i ever spent!!!

  • Hi there,

    Just found your posting albeit rather late.

    Did you progress to a surgery?

    Where are you at now.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Dr Baronowski , private appointment is £400.00 an hour not the best bed side manner but knows his stuff. Maria Elliott Harley Street London Physio. Dr Vix Khullar thinks outside the box Devonshire Street or The Lido Wing London.

    Dr B, is a pain specialist dealing with uro/genital pain and other nerve pain, Mr Khullar is a uro/gynae top of his field pelvic pain, and Maria is a womens health physio. I see all three of them.

    Apparently a Dr Jenner pain specialist is also excellent. Hope that helps.

  • Hi, I am Dutch and having severe problems, no one can help me here. I already heard about maria Elliott and Dr khullar. Can you talk more private with me? Because I like to consult them , do not know where to start and insurance difficulties.

    Thanks .

    Email address:

  • maria elliott ❤

  • Check , they are the best specialist in London ( and i tried many before i found them), they are a team of french physio and osteopath working together. I was suffering very badly and they fixed my issue in no time, they come to see you at home if you like or they have a clinic, super pro, kind and passionate . I love them. They made the difference for me

  • if anyone need a physiotherapist as private plz contact me on

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