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Pudental neuropathy

I had laser surgery on my prostate in march this year recovered ok for 1 month then every thing changed passing urine problems,pain on and off .i then found out the laser had scorched the back of my bladder and spine considering I recovered so well initially I am thing the down turn could be due to damage to the nerves in my spine any comments.i cannot sit down for long without pain if it was the operation surely I would have had it all the time .

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It could be from scar tissue that can take time to develop after any injury.

I know you mention your spine but I would also look at any nerve issues that could have been caused within the pelvis too.

An ordinary MRI scan will usually rule any spine pathology out.

Many neurosurgeons have no clue about pelvic neuropathies although there are other clinicians who do. The trick is to choose carefully. In England there's Bristol, London and Manchester where PN is a recognised condition and can be treated. Sounds ridiculous but true.

You may have it spot on with pudendal neuropathy (PN), especially with your medical history and that is well worth pursuing.

Some people do wake from an op with PN symptoms immediately but they are usually mesh or suture related, so don't rule scar tissue build up out of the equation.


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