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Botox for male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction how long does it take?

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Hello there,

i'm a male, 25 years old, that has Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions due to Hypertonic muscles; that is causing me urinary voiding dysfunctions and incomplete bowel movement because my pelvic muscles are always too tight and unable to relax properly to relieve the pressure of my anal and urethral sphincters.

So on the 14th of September 2021 i decided to try Botox on my pelvic floor muscles, they injected 100 Units of Botox through the levator ani muscle and the obturator internus muscles: it didn't work and talking with that doctor we assumed that the dosage was too low. So i decided to give it one more try and i went back 2 months later, on the 24th of November 2021 for a higher dosage: this time we used 200 units of Botox only on the puborectalis muscle and the pubococcygeus muscle, the reason being that those 2 are the main pillars of urinary and bowl continence so we wanted to aim them to release my sphincters.

I want to clearly state that i have no pain whatsoever, only these severe dysfunctions..

Now to the questions: it has been 3 days since the injection and i am not having any improvements whatsoever.. i'd love to know from the people that had this kind of injection, how long did it take for you to have an improvement? Is it too early or am i right to be worried?

Are there people that got cured from these dysfunctions with Botox that can confort me?

Please someone that can share his story with positive outocomes, i really need it..

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I haven't had the botox yet but I do know most people say it takes up to 2 weeks to work so hopefully it works for you.... It works for some but not others

I am female with the same condition which causes severe pain in pubirectalis muscles and severe bladder and bowel dysfunction.I have had Botox injections twice and had pain around injection site for about 3/4wks. After this I noticed that I had a significant decrease in levels of pain and could sit more comfortabley.

I had more success with bladder function and control,and I found overall whilst Botox did not eradicate pain and symptoms it definitely helped with intensity of pain.

For best results I got my injections 3 monthly along with specialist trigger point therapy from my specialist physio. Combination of treatments really helped.

My treatments had been stopped due to covid (2yrs) and my symptoms definitely got worse so for me I did benefit from injections.

Really pleased to get appointment for this week to get my injections again so hoping for a positive result.

Hope you get some relief from your treatment and wish you good health.

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Samael96 in reply to Skye22

Which product did you use? Botox? Do you know which muscles got injected? And how many Units?You said your bladder problems got better? And your bowel?

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Skye22 in reply to Samael96

It was Botox into pubirectalis muscles I don't know the dosage but if I remember right I think I got 8 injections. Injections helped with lowering the intensity of painful bladder spasms.I have colitis with severe slow transit bowel with little to none feeling in rectum I have to use daily irrigation. Again the Botox helped with the painful spasms but not so much the bowel dysfunction.

Although we all may have the same conditions and symptoms we might all have differing success with various treatments. It's really trying out different combinations of treatments that works for you.

I hope you have success too, it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle but hang on in there. Stay positive and wish you good luck.


I had botox injection in 2014 into anal sphincters as was told had too much spasm.

WORST thing ever. Has completely ruined my life, and eventually diagnosed with obstructive defecation syndrome.

Muscles wont relax and unable to eliminate fully, even with manual evacuation, which I've had to resort to.

I'm prolapsing internally and occasionally externally, yet all NHS say its complex, we'll do a colostomy or nothing. Tests have proved intersusseption, yet not deemed sufficient enough for surgery.

Think initial problem.was waste getting stuck at the rectosigmoid junction, yet botoxinh sphincters didn't help this merely gave me issues further down.

Don't believe it when told botox is temporary - for me it was the catalyst for rapid decline in symptoms.

Even liquid waste can get stuck, such is the tightness, and often get plug of stool forming.

Fighting for surgery to relax the muscles, but it's like talking to a brick wall, and only help is from supplements and non NHS treatments - acupuncture, amatsu, deep tissue massage and chiropractic work.

Anyone know of a helpful hospital / consultant?


Hi i developed full pudenral beuralgia 2 weeks after my bitox to anal spinchter its no coincidence i believe by paralysing one muscle it sends a tsunami thru tge pelvic gloor like a xar going thru a wall of paper

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