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Has anyone tried DRG for pain management: abbott.com/corpnewsroom/pai... - thinking about it as a last resort.

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Hi!!!! I had it once a few months ago but actually going right now for another trial as the epidural worked on the new nerve!!!! I’m praying this works!!!! My pain is like a 20! It’s worth a try!! This is my last hope!!! If this doesn’t work I’ll have to do sx!!

I wish you good luck! Did you use the DRG on a trial basis to see if it worked?

Hi Robert! Got done around 12! Had another appt. The first time I had it implanted after the trial and didn’t work. So after doing the epidural and getting such great relief my pain doc said let’s do trial again!! Won’t know for 48-72 hours so will keep u posted!!! If it works it is definitely worth it!!!! I’ve tried everything imaginable over the last 7 years!!!! I literally cannot take anymore! I’ve looked into sx too for a diverting colostomy!!!! We will see

OK good luck! I hope this works. I have had Pudendal Nerve pain for about 4 or 5 years - at times it was a pain level of 20 as well. It has always been hard to try to tell someone that hasn't experienced this what it feels like. its nice to know we are not alone in all this. I ahve been better the last few mnths being able to manage the situation on my own but I am worn out from having to even think about it. let me know if th DRG works - I wish you well!!!!!

It does wear u out!!!! The pain just takes over our lives!!!!! I don’t know how u have gotten better but I sure would like to know!!!! People do not understand this if they don’t have it!!!!! My family sure doesn’t but try!!!!! My pain has gotten worse over the last few months! I have no clue how it got this bad! If u have seen my posts I have tried everything possible and spent thousands on tx and meds and supplements!!!! It’s crazy!!!! I’m very sad and depressed!!!!! Nothing has worked!!!! I have NO life at all!!!! This pain is crazy on top of my body pains!!! Hope this stimulator works! Won’t know for another 24-48 hours!!! God help me!!! How have u gotten your pain under control? How does your pain affect your body? Thank u for your thoughts! Greatly appreciated!!!! Talk to u soon!!!

Well.... it has been a long road of education for me. The first was having a close friend that is a surgeon that finally figured out it was a nerve issue. He put me on Lyrica and I felt much better immediately. I then did a hard core search for a doc that understood the issue - Dr. Daniel Shoskes at the Cleveland Clinic in OH. He knew the issue when I walked in the door. Suggest Physical Therapy and had me go to the one he uses while I was visiting his clinic. I was lucky enough to find someone in my are that was spectacular. She knew more about the PN than anyone I had chatted with to include all the docs - they all thought I had an infection and put me on Cipro at least 30 times. She is the one that actually saved me. I read a book called "A Headache in the Pelvis" that helped as well. You should get it and read it. The best self help I found. The PT showed me how to do the manipulation on my own when I have a flare up. I still see her once a month for just a tune up. I can still feel "it" most of the time but am able to continue life. here is a link that might be helpful for you as well: pudendalhope.info/ If you ever want to talk live you can private message me to arrange. Good Luck!!!!!!