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Bladder prolapse

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I had a bladder prolapse in 2017 and was fitted with a ring pessary which was fine for the first year before it fell out. Was then fitted with a gel horn pessary which was fine for a year and then gave problems such as infections . I then had a bad odour from it and the consultant recommended a sarospinous fixation which I had 19 months ago. Right from the start I was in pain which got worse and eventually the surgeon reversed the op. Still in pain and the 4 different pessaries I had fitted all fell out. My prolapse is much worse and I’m now waiting for an appointment at the hospital in the urogynea dept. Wish I’d never had the op as it has really impinged on my lifestyle - I was so fit and healthy previously

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Hi, sounds awful. I have a bladder prolapse and can’t have a pessary as I have no cervix due to hysterectomy for endo and fibroids. I am having physio but really scared to have an op as when in hospital in past there have been women having 2nd repairs as first ones failed. I am finding the prolapse is blocking my bowel and have lots of pain on right. Don’t know where to go from here and how bad does it get before you have to have surgery. Not much help and support out there so feeling down with it all as you must be too. X

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I have had a pelvic floor repair the 2nd on my rectocele. It is much better than before. What I would say is if you have the surgery then do nothing at home allow it to heal and just ignore the mess. It sounds like you need something done, good luck xx

Take heart.I had the same operation 2 years ago and am gradually getting fitter but it has been a long road.Gentle walks and very slow yoga helped.I use the Squeezy app daily to do regular pelvic floor exercises.They really help stop incontinence or leaking.Take painkillers if you need them- Naproxen and Co- codamol help.As does yoga belly breathing and lovely baths in the evening.Rest and relax as much as possible and lie on the setee in-between doing things.It will get will just take time.Sending a huge hug xx😘

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