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Need Help

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I have had both types of stimulators implanted over a three year period. Neither has worked. I have had all kinds of injections, even internal (vaginal) which were so painful I couldn’t continue. They worked for a few days. My Dr wants me to undergo in hospital Ketamine treatment but my insurance will not cover it. The cost is around $20000 which I can’t afford.

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Hi Painplus can I ask why you think on both occasions it was unsuccessful? Did the doctors give an explanation to you? Have you had PNE for long time?

Lottie - Jensen.

Why would ketamine infusion cost so much? And isn’t it only a temporary measure? Can you bargain with the hospital to see about getting a lower price perhaps?

It’s so expensive because you have to be in the hospital for 4-5 days. The infusions take four hours each. I think it’s probably the cost of the hospital. They do not negotiate.

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