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Exercises for Pudendal Nerve Entrapment

Hi All, I am really desperate at the moment. Three weeks ago I had nerve block at a private clinic in Bristol, UK and I have been in the most horrendous pain ever since. I have been suffering with Pudendal Nerve Entrapment for 2.5 years but only three weeks ago did I have this finally confirmed. I am unable to get in touch with the private clinic to tell them that I am in more pain and I have increased my Gabapentin intake to 2700mg plus Ibuprofen and Paracetomol. Nothing is dulling the pain and I just wondered if any of you can give me advice on which are the best exercises for me to do. This is what I want to ask the private clinic but no one is around to answer my query for a few days as they are on holiday!!!! I have also tried to make my own essential oil massage cream (coconut oil and peppermint/Lavendar) and this hasn’t worked. I have seen lots of exercises on the internet for Pudendal Nerve sufferers but I am getting conflicting advice where some people say DO NOT certain exercises and others say DO THEM! I need your help please. Thank you so much. Carol

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Good morning Carol

I cannot be much help, my wife has had the problem for six and a half years and I have spent £20K trying to find a solution to PNE, she has not had the injection, she backed off at the last minute because she had been told that it could make the pain much worse. Her life does not exist, her daily routine is to rise about twelve having slept in a chair which she has been doing for four years. Then downstairs to another chair and back up to bed at 8pm. The only thing she does for herself is to go to the loo but always constipated relying on suppositories to defacate. Lying down is the only relief, bed is a chair and footstool leaving a gap for her troubled rectum. she only leaves the house for hospital or doctor's appointments. she sees no one and seldom speaks to her children, grandchildren or siblings.

I am sure there are many others with a similar or worse tale to tell that have had the problem for twenty years and more and widowed partners whose wives could stand the pain no more.

The French option is not a solution for all sufferes but for some it has helped. THe American Cryoabalation has worked well to stop the pain as the nerve is frozen but for rectal relief there is more that a possibility of incontinence. St.Marks in Harrow have probably the best understanding of PNE and implant a type of Tens machine but as a whole the UK medical profession are ignorant of this condition and if they have ever heard of it suggest a mental solution.

To ease your immediate problem try a very hot bath with a lot of water and put something soft, like a waterproof cushion, to lie on. And best on your side if the bath is wide enough.


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