Blood in urine

wondered if anyone could help, have had lots of tests & nothing found in bladder or kidneys, could the blood in urine be due to painful bladder syndrome as I have symptoms which sound the same

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  • Hi 2Nanny

    I myself suffer from painful bladder syndrome (and now been told suspected Fowlers syndrome) and have from time to time had blood in my urine. It's usually only microscopic so isn't easily seen with the naked eye but can be picked up when the urine is sent away for analysis. I suspect sometimes it's been because of UTIs, or could possibly be from painful bladder syndrome. Have you had any tests?

  • Hi Alaine1thankyou for your reply have had bladder camera & kidney ultra sound & blood tests nothing found but still sml amount of blood in urine when tested. Dr firstly said pain bladder syndrome as all symptoms fitted but stopped testing when tests came back clear. Things calmed down for awhile but have flared up again so got urine tested by dr & have to make follow up appointment. While waiting for next appointment I thought I would see if anyone suffers similar symptoms to mine. Thanx again for you i put

  • I had my cystoscopy yesterday for the same thing. Blood in urine (microscopic) urgency and burning and pain when urinating( not a uti). He said I had a narrow urethra and stretched it. Which was very painful. He said to me that was the cause of my symptoms apparently but is still sending me for a ct scan. I didn't get much else from him though and left his office slightly confused as he didn't even take that much time looking inside my bladder.

  • Just wanted to add that if you go on the intestinal cystitis web site they have a lot of women with similar issues and some have had blood in urine with their IC.

  • Thank you for replying, found it interesting that other women with ic have blood in urine & shall be looking on the ic website . Wishing you well with your health issues

  • Hello I just seen your post in new to this page! And I just wanna let you know I'm only 21 and the doctor has been finding blood I the urine as well since a year ago! , I'm scaring my self thinking it's kidney disease:'(

    Because I never see blood in the urine it's only when it gets sent to the lab! , it worries me a lot , did you fine anything out yet ?

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