Adhesions to bowel and womb - help and advice please!

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a bit of advice if I could, please?

Had my lap in January under the care of a gynae team who found extensive adhesions to my bowel and womb and blocked fallopian tubes. Follow up appointment from gynae said I had to see a specialist bowel surgeon, who I did today, to remove the adhesions; this being incase of problems perforating the bowel. After nearly 6 months of waiting I finally saw the surgeon today, who told me he will not operate in case of damage to my womb; he instead told me to go to my GP and get referred to a different gynae unit, who can then operate and call upon his assistance if needed. 6 months to be passed around again and to be told its too risky to operate (and to be prescriped laxitives and told to eat prunes daily).

I am so let down and angry at the way I am being passed around from team to team and wondered if anybody can shed some light on this. Cannot speak to or see GP until later in the week, and then presumably i am back to square one?

Has anyone else been passed from team to team with a similar issue? Or had experience of adhesions or fertility issues?

I just want my life back instead of being ruled by daily pain and discomfort.

Thanks in advance,

Hannah x

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  • Hi I too have daily pain and discomfort and after seeing the GP last week I had to more or less beg them to refer me to a gynae. I had surgery in 2003 so I may have adhesions I just dont know its so frustrating GP said its not urgent I could wait 2 months for an appointment. She is not the one in pain !!!! The system is terrible and the waiting . I feel so sorry for you there is always something causing us pain and no one seems to understand x

  • You are just an nhs no. to them! I hope you have your pain sorted. It is so hard to have to try and carry on and live a normal life. Was your surgery related to gynae?x

  • Hi yes I had a 4lb dermoid cyst with teeth and hair in it yuk attached to my ovary so they cut me down the stomach and removed it along with left ovary. An ultrasound shows I have another something growing in that area although I have not had a period for ages so I presume I have menopaused.

    I have discomfort on the left I find it hard to bend and my lower back discs are knackered or feel like I have no core strength. When I wake up in the morning my ovaries feel like they are pounding but it does go away when I walk around. I dont want more surgery I just want to know whats going on in there x

  • The problem with adhesion surgery is it just causes more, and so it goes on and on.

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