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Pelvic pain post-uterine inversion in labor

Hello everyone,

I have just discovered this group and need to pick on your vast knowledge.

Last year I had VBAC and in the last stage of labor a medical professional pulled my uterus out while delivering placenta. Cue a massive loss of blood, resuscitation teams and everything else. I have been seeing physio since, but no progress. In the last few months I have been dealing with dull pelvic pain that is now constant, but the physio few months back dismissed it as a bladder infection.

I don't know where to take it from here - what test should I ask for? Has anyone had uterine inversion in labor in this group? Has anyone gone for pelvic MRI scan to see what damage was done to muscles/ligaments/nerves? is it worth it? What professionals would you recommend?

Thanks you in advance


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There are lots on here that suffer from child birth issues.

You keep searching and you will find someone with your problem.

I had 2 vontus deliveries. I had rectopexy surgery with mesh. If anyone mentions using this do not do it.... far more harm the good. Search on Facebook mesh.

Ask for tests. They will show your issues. Look on line for what test can be done.

Keep a diary of issues.

USA are bit further down line than us so look there as well xxxx

I wish I had read up on what they suggested for me instead of having surgery and thinking they know best.

Good luck x

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What are your problems? Just pain? Incontinence, prolapse?

I had forceps delivery, then requested a C-section for the second one. Viva C-section - have a child and keep your dignity, avoid multiple futile operations for pelvic floor damage. I will make sure my daughter schedules a C-section. For us - already damaged from vaginal deliveries, I don't think there will be any treatment in our lifetimes. Physio is a waste of time, surgery will cause so much more damage...

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I had Kiellands forceps damage over 30 years ago along with acute inversion of Uterous etc. I'm suffering a lot with it now along with Pudendal neuropathy after a mis diagnosed operation for Anterior repair over 19 years ago. An MRI would not show up nerves, but if it showed up muscles, ligaments , adhesions etc, I think I would consider paying for an MRI .


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