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Heat as therapy

After years of trying to find heat packs that are large enough to cover my widespread areas of myofacial buttock pain, my fiance came home the other day with a mini electric blanket. It's just the right size to lay under my bottom n has different heat settings for different pain intensity. Amazing xxx Can be used on the sofa so it's a bonus for me xxx

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Thanx for posting, sounds good. Please can we have details


Well done for acquiring the right heat pack for you. I use therflex elastic gel packs because you can heat them up as high as you like in the microwave. 

There are drawbacks;

- the heat dies down gradually so you have to keep reheating

- reheating gradually over-stretches the pack and I have to keep buying a new one every few weeks.

- I can only use them if I lie on my side with the pack resting pressed between my lower back/ buttocks and some carefully arranged pillows/ cushions.

I have tried a couple of these electric heat packs but they wouldn't get hot enough for me. 

So I would love to know the make of one that lets the user decide what is a safe heating level.

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Does this mini heating blanket go all around the body? I live with a heating pad. And I often have 2 one for the front and one for the back. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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PS is it available in the United States?


If you have Boots stores in the US that's where I got mine from x


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