Successful rectocele repair anybody?

I know most of us are on here because we have health problems but does anyone have any positive rectocele repair experience?

I am having a second MRI scan next week for ongoing pelvic floor issues. The whole thing scares me as I don't want to be worse off than I am now but my quality of life has gone downhill so I may have to consider surgery.

Also what questions should I ask my surgeon about the op? I've already had an anterior repair (by a different doctor) which hasn't been totally successful. My current surgeon advises against having this done again as it could make the rectocele worse.

Any thoughts?

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  • My initial reaction is to avoid additional surgery. I had very poor outcome to my surgeries, but if you have no other option find the opinion of as many good doctors as you know to support additional surgery. At least 2 to support the surgery option.

  • Thank you for your reply.

  • I have had two rectocele repairs obviously the first one did not work, but the second time round it did, unfortunately I also had a bowel prolapse and the uterus falling so at the same time they did those with mesh and I believe that it what caused my problems. I now say I would not have any operations, but it was not fun having the rectocele so I think like the other poster said is research your options and make sure your surgeon is good, very difficult I know. On a more postive note I have met or heard about lots of women that have had no problems at all, its just pot luck and think on the whole most women are fine, you must remember forums are skewed towards people with problems and you dont hear the success stories as much.

    Take care

  • Thank you for that Blackmonday. I'm sorry your problems haven't been sorted out I hope things get better for you.

    I will have to see what happens after my scan. I'm hoping I can manage without further surgery. I just want to be as informed as possible. As you say we tend to hear about the bad news stories rather than the good. Take care.

  • I had rectocele, cystocele and hysterectomy operation. I chose calf pericardium as I was suspicious of mesh for repairs. As far as that goes there have been no problems even though I have been left with PN. 8 years. Good luck.

  • Sawbelow,

    Thanks for your reply. Can I ask did your rectocele cause bowel problems & did that improve after surgery? I'm told if I just have the rectocele done it will not involve mesh but it's not large enough for surgery yet. I'm just trying to get as informed as possible to make the best decision. Thanks again.

  • Hi Mc89 I did not have bowel issues with my rectocele really and after the operation the surgeon said it wasn't as severe as the cystocele therefore he had done very little to it.

  • I know someone who had front and back vaginal repairs and has had no problems since. I had a posterior vaginal repair for a rectocele that caused pudendal nerve damage. Plus the repair failed within a year because I was still straining to have bowel movements (painful now too). I have since had a rectal intussusception diagnosed by MRI and had a laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy done to repair the intersusseption and rectocele. It's early days yet but these apear to be sorted out now. Having the rectocele 'fixed' and not the other prolapse made going to the toilet worse, hence continued straining.

    I would advise you to have scans and at least seek a second opinion from a colorectal surgeon (if your problems are more bowel related as mine were). You will find colorectal consultants have very different views from gynaecologists. Make a fully informed decision. You have to do what you think is right for you, we are all different. But if you do your homework then hopefully there will be no regrets.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Sueboooo, thank you for your reply. We've spoken before & I might get back to you when I find out more after the MRI if you don't mind.

    I am seeing a colorectal surgeon rather than a gynaecologist this time & he does specialise in pelvic floor issues so I'm hoping he will give me an honest, informed opinion. What I want is for someone to tell me everything is going to be ok but I know in reality that cannot happen.

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  • No problem at all, send me a message anytime.

  • There a good group on facebook , u could ask this question too.... Pelvic organ prolapse support

  • I don't do Facebook but thanks for the info.

  • I am meant to be having a rectocele repair done too. I was seeing a colorectal consultant but she thinks the rectocele repair might be better done transvaginally and therefore by a gynae consultant - I have been referred and am waiting to see one in April. I too have an intersussepcion - my consultant first talked about having this done as well but has most recently said there are too many complications with mesh etc and these operations are going out of fashion. She thinks the rectocele repair will be fine and at most will just not work, rather than making things worse. I am very nervous - my quality of life is rapidly going downhill but I would kick myself if I went ahead with anything that made things worse. I haven't had any scans for this, both problems were diagnosed by proctogram 2 years ago.

    It would be great to hear from anyone who had a positive experience of rectocele repair and/ or surgery for intersussepcion.

  • I had a proctogram a couple of years ago, they are repeating it this week to see if anything has changed. My gynaecologist suggested "hitching up my bladder again" but the colorectal surgeon thinks this could make the rectocele worse so at the moment I trust him more. He said IF I do need surgery then he would do it through my abdomen & could, if necessary pull my bladder up as as well. Of course then you have all the problems of mesh etc. I prefer the option of abdominal surgery as my undercarriage has been through enough!

    I would be interested in how you get on in April, I hope you get the best solution. Good luck.

  • I'm due to have surgery on intussepution and I'm hopeful it will help. My rectum feels constantly dragged down so I feel I've no choice. Incomplete emptying is also a big problem. I'm being seen by the best consultant there is, so will let you know how surgery helps me. Abit worrying to hear what your consultant said Beezwax. Is she UK? X

  • ethome,

    You say your consultant is the best there is, can I ask where they are?

    I may want to go for a second opinion. Thanks for your help.

  • Bristol. Mr Dixon. X

  • I hope your surgery goes well. Maybe my consultant is a bit cautious. I am treated in London. Symptoms are getting worse but I have been on quite good "conservative management". I use a mini irrigation system, Qufora, to help with bowel emptying. I use it once a day. I was also prescribed the peristeen system of irrigation but it was too time consuming and causes discomfort.

    It's a pain to use this but I would sooner that than have more problems after surgery. I honestly don't know what to do.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes with Mr Dixon.

    My consultant said she could refer me to Oxford for the intersussepcion surgery if / when I finally need it. I can't remember the consultant's name there though.

  • Could you tell me the name of the surgeon you are treated under in London? thanks

  • Hi I was wondering how your surgery went as I am due to have the same?

  • Hi Mc89,

    Thanks for your reply. Let me know how things go for you. Where are you being treated? It seems things are done differently in different places. It would be good to know what options are out there.

  • Hi Beezwax,

    Bath. Scan this week. Not sure when results will be but I will post again when I have news.

  • Hi again,

    I am not good at keeping in touch, but I have just come back to this site and wanted to say I hope things are going ok for you.

  • I'm in London. Good luck with your scan.

  • Has anyone got a rectocele and coping without having surgery if so how do you cope, I have an intussception and reconcile and finding it difficult to cope going for a bowel movement anyone else have the same problem

  • good question - I have had one since January this year, diagnosed on 24th of April when I press GP for results - take each day as it comes - I'm just happy to be alive as there have been days I thought I was going to die and I am only 49 yrs - and was fit and healthy before this happened in January of this year. I am waiting for an appointment to see functional surgeon - the waiting is just the worst thing - the NHS is in a state and waiting times are a joke. People around the world admire the NHS but I wish I had private insurance now.

  • hI there have been days I thought I was going to die too, I have intussception, rectocele, entracele, and sigmoidocele so three prolapses and the drs don't want to help me and have just been left so not happy at all and cant go to the toilet without laxatives

  • Hi I have had ventral mesh rectopexy in Bristol and am suffering from mesh related complications infections and joint inflammation.I do not want to go back to Mr Dixon .Has anybody had any mesh removed after this procedure and how did it go?

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