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Sounds like some site participants also have to limit computer time due to sitting pain. I often will lay in bed, read emails, make a few notes, and then can sit at computer to respond quickly. I have a Toshiba small laptop/large notebook which I can use in bed. Also bought a small folding table tray which can swing over bed or reclining chair to support electronic device. Often will just acknowledge email saying will respond later. Hope this is helpful, but I also know that your pain might be so severe that no suggestions help. In which case, please accept my heartfelt concern.

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I bought a flexible/adjustable monitor stand that allows me to use my monitor when kneeling or lying on my back. I found that really helped. I bought a memory foam donut cushion for travelling in taxi's and spending time in waiting rooms. I think most people just assume I have piles.


Great computer monitor idea! Have a stash of various cushions depending on which problems need attention, washable covers preferred. Once forgot a special cushion in a taxi and had to pay $20 for the driver to bring it back!!! People do assume all sorts of ideas if you have an assistive device. When asked, I reply "That's more than you want to know." People will actually say, "You don't look like there is anything wrong with you."


Check out my cushion. No one will ask what your problem is and it is attractive and light to carry.

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That is an amazing concept and quite a bit cheaper than many other higher quality cushions. Thanks for posting.


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