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no one is listening to me!

A couple of years back I had an Eptopic Pregnancy and ever since I have suffered terribly with urine infections, thrush, discharge, pain on both sides of my belly, I get itchy groins a lot and I go to the toilet a lot, I also suffer with terrible dry mouth a lot no matter how much i drink! I have been to the doctors but they sent me to a Gum Clinic to be checked for STD's which I knew I hadn't got but they wanted to rule them out. They have done swabs but never actually gave me my results they have ignored me since. HELP?? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO? or what it can be?

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I also get pain in my anus too!


I assume you are in the UK? If so I can recommend a couple of very good specilaists you can see privately if you can afford to as nether do NHS, one is an excellent GUM specilist and GUM specilists aren't all about STDs she really is excellent......and another regards recurrent UTIs........who is also excellent both have empathy also which is quite rare, you don't need your GP to refer you can self refer.


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