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The Endo Artist (NEW BLOG)

This is my personal blog about my everyday struggles and overall battle with the disease Endometriosis (stage 3) and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I also touch upon my battles with depression and anxiety.

I wanted to create a diary almost, of the trials and suffering with Endometriosis to both vent and share my personal experiences and to also spread awareness and remind other Endometriosis sufferers that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It would be great if anyone would like to check it out- i'll be doing daily blog posts and would love to hear from some of you lot and your experiences too!

I'll be posting tips, helpful books, advice, and just generally discussing these conditions in general whilst updating you with my personal journey with these conditions.

I'd love my blog to be a place where people can go to know that they are not alone and that there is help and support.

Thankyou to anyone who does take the time to read or have a look.

You can also follow me on instagram by searching 'avelvetcrowbar' and all of my artwork is available on my feed.




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I am in the same boat, I am wondering if your endometriosis affected your fertility.For me it did alot!!!!

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Hi Kholoud! Thanks for the reply!

I guess i've yet to really find out if it has really affected my fertility! I talk about it in m ylast blog post at

I've not officially tried to concieve as of yet, but the many times my pill has been messed up or i've had an accident, i've never fallen pregnant! I try to be positive but really worry it might not happen for me!

Hope you're okay and sending you all the luck in the world that you manage to sort out your infertility problems!



I battled endo and also adenomyosis for 16 years. When all treatments failed did hyster. And now I have new problems. I am curious to get to know how other women cope with this disease.

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Sorry to hear you've had such a struggle with both endo and adeno. It must be awful. I too am curious to know how other women get on and cope with these diseases!

I have seperate problems which may or may not be related to my endo, and i'll do some more talking about this on my blog.

thanks for the reply and hope youre doing okay!



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