Has anyone been treated by dr Baranowski in London ?

I have a long awaited appointment to see dr Baranowski in London in July. I suspect I have PN. What are people's experiences of him or his team? Do they try their hardest to find out what's wrong and find the best treatment, or do they rush you through and drag their feet?

It's taken me so long just to get an appointment through, I'm starting to get nervous there will be no treatment to help me or stop this unbearable pain I'm constantly in.

Any feedback greatfully received.

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  • Hi Suzy, how long have you been having issues and what are your symptoms? Many of us have seen Dr B, including myself.

  • Hi jacquieb,

    I've had issues with chronic fissures ever since I had hemrhoid surgery in 2011.

    At first I had creams and physio, then Botox and then last year an advancement flap.

    The Botox caused a bruised feeling in my coccyx, which has progressively got worse. The flap healed, but I have been left with awful rectal pain. It burns like a rod up my bum. I can't sit for more than a few minutes..... Standing around seems to aggrivate things too.... And I can't lay on my back, just my side. Sometimes it feels like there is something like a golf ball stuck up there.... Sometimes it feels like everything is going to fall out.

    Using my biofeedback pelvic floor machine makes the pain worse too.... So I'm at a loss how to strengthen my weak pelvic floor. ( it's like an internal tens)

    Having a bowel movement irritates me too.

    Do any of these symptoms sound like possible PN to you??

    What has been your experience??


  • Hi Suzy, each and everyone of us having different stories to tell and of course varying symptoms, all that distress each and everyone of us. My experience is a little different in that it doesn't particularly involve my bowel but nerves that radiate into the vagina causing so many different sensations and aggravating pain. I have had my condition nearly 11 years and I can tell you its been a pretty miserable, time consuming, and exhausting time, just trying to get some relief. To be honest I don't know too much about bowel issues, but from what you say it sounds like "something" hasn't healed as it should? Is it possible to get it checked again? You shouldn't be in so much discomfort. It doesn't sound like its typical p/n pain if I am honest but don't rule it out. I'd go back to your GP and ask them to get someone to take a look at what's going on. Who referred you to A. Baronowski?

  • I have had an EUA by my colorectal consultant, who confirmed everything is healed, and it was him who referred me to dr Baranowski. He thinks it is nerve damage of some kind.

    I'm sorry to hear you have been suffering for 11 years..... How on earth do you find the strength to keep going.... You sound like a very brave lady!

  • I don't feel you need to worry unduly about seeing Dr. B. Obviously we all worry about consultant appointments. But my experience with the appt. was not rushed in any way. I had my facts to hand and any questions I needed to ask. By the time I saw Dr. B. I had also seen a Colorectal Consultant and had tests done. Maybe that could be a possibility for you with your symptoms being Bowel related as mine are. There are similarities of your symptoms and mine.

  • From my understanding, the pudendal nerve branches out into three areas, the bladder, the rectum, and to the genitals. Depending on where the damage to the nerve is, it will cause the problem to be. So I would say that all the symptoms you are having are pretty classic for pn pain, in my humble opinion. Being nervous before your appointment is normal. Good luck with seeing the doctor.

  • Hello. I agree with bjdoran1. Your pain and symptoms sound like Pn oe Pne (pudendal nerve entrapment.) I live in zfrance and was seen and recently operated on by Prof. ROBERT Roger in Nante. I'm now in 5th week apes Op.

    If you can find anyone in the UK who was educated under him or a pain consultant who is attached to whoever he trained you may get some solid diagnoses.

    Thinking of you. Look at my profile to see if any of my pain symptoms relate to yours... only If it helps you.


  • Thankyou for your replies...

    2CV..... I've just read your profile..... You too have suffered for a very long time. My fingers are crossed your healing continues to progress to full healing.

    Bjdoran1...... Thankyou for the info..... It goes some way to verifying my own suspicions.

  • Suzysheep

    I have very similar sensations in my bottom which I have had since giving birth a year ago. A heavy, aching, bruised, falling out feeling. Lyrica has dulled the pain but not touched other sensations. I will be interested to see what Dr B says. Best wishes to you and I hope you get some relief soon.

  • I have PN so does my mother we have both seen Dr B.........privately and then on the NHS we both saw a different team member on the NHS ( Dr B very busy with private work !!!!!!!!) my mother had a nerve block which went drastically wrong, they just offered me nerve blocks which I turned down, pain pills which my GP a knew about anyway and physio which there physio is no hands on at all, and counselling to live with the pain.....I personally will be going to France if I want a chance of a proper diagnoise. There is no one in he UK who can do PN surgery......it can be paid for on the Nhs with a lot of paper pushing.

    When I saw Dr B privately he really was very thorough, but side manner a lot to be desired......

  • Oh no... Your poor mum! What went wrong??

    I am really hoping to see mr B himself..... I've waited long enough, and I will be travelling a fair distance to London to be seen. There are no specialists of this kind here where I live.

    Ethome.... Yes, you do sound very similar... I will keep you posted!

  • She had the nerve block at NHNN they hit the wrong nerve or something ended up having to have an emergency supapubic catheter fitted as could no longer P........think carefully about nerve blocks properly research anything that is offered don't just jump in and say yes.

  • That sounds awful... Your poor mum. I certainly don't want to make my problems worse!

  • Hi Suzy I have seen Dr B privately and I agree his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired but as long as you are prepared for that it won't be a shock when you get there. I agree what you have sounds like it is irritation of one of the branches of the pudendal nerve. Dr B was however v thorough and I had lots of Mris and have had 3 bilateral pudendal nerve blocks. The first did nothing. The second definitely improved my pain. I have just had the third and 5 days later my pain is a lot worse so don't really know what's going on except this time I had the pulsed radio frequency and I can remember this being v painful during the procedure (you are sedated but this time I remembered something). Hopefully this will improve with time. Dr b also links you in with a pain physiotherapist and psychologist. I have seen the physio once and she was good. But seeing a physio who can do pelvic floor trigger point release may be useful -I see Helen forth (private also) but this is done vaginally although it has some impact on my rectal pain -not sure if there are any physios that do rectal trigger point release?? Good luck with your appointment xx

  • Thankyou so much for your reply newmother.... I will try to be as prepared as I can for his bedside manner. I'm so glad he has been really thorough with you ruling everything out with scans etc.

    can you tell me how long you had to wait between nerve blocks? And why were you given a different type third time around when the second one improved your pain??

    Sorry for all the questions... I'm just trying to learn all I can about nerve damage and it's treatment as its a new train of thought for me.

  • Hi Suzy, I had an mri spine because I was getting sciatica and Mri pelvis and neurography to look at the nerves -this uses v powerful scanner most docs don't have access to. However he did say it would likely come back normal in my case and it did but I wanted to cover all bases. I had my nerve block within a week or so and then another month before the next one, and a month and a half before the third. i had the pulsed treatment because although I had some improvement with the second block it was enough to say it was a success. I don't mind questions I have lots myself!! Dr b uses X-ray and electrode to locate the nerve. I am aware there are other methods of locating the nerve such as ct but this increases your radiation load significantly. Has anyone else has a nerve block by other methods or other docs in the UK? 66crusader do you mind me asking about your mother it sounds awful what happened to her-we are so focussed on getting rid of pain we will try anything xx

  • When they did the nerve block it effected the bladder and it stopped working........she had to have an emergency supapubic catheter fitted....and the nerve block made her pain permanently worse.......I no a few have been made worse by the nerve blocks......I won't be having one.

  • I had two nerve blocks by guided ultrasound. But they have just made the pain much worse. I'm at a loss as what to do next and the pain is never ending! :-(

  • Sorry to hear that it sounds awful I hope your mum is coping ok now. I can completely understand why you won't have one xx

  • Hi Suzy I really be grateful if you could tell me if you had success with Dr Andrew Baranowsk. I've been battling for four years now and came across his name. I would like to know if I'm wasting more time starting on a root to se him. Thank so much in advance.

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