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Magnesium has been a game changer!



I cannot stress how important this mineral has become in the fight against my pelvic pain!

Since I started supplementing with magnesium glycinate my pelvic pain has significantly reduced! My main symptoms were pain and aching in my perineum, genitals and sometimes down my legs. Burning, frequent and urgent urination and last but not least painful orgasm after which the other symptoms would get worse.

They are pretty much all gone!

My pelvic pain was predominantly pelvic floor dysfunction. Magnesium is essential in our bodies for muscle relaxation and nerve function!

Quick start guide:

* Magnesium glycinate is the best type

* Start at 3 x 100mg daily, increasing by 100mg each week up to around 600-900mg. Doesn't matter about body weight.

The link below is an excellent resource on all things magnesium and how it has many many benefits for your mind and body and not just for CPPS. I urge every person in this group to read the linked site, particularly all the pages under the Research tab.

Here are some more blogs/stories about magnesium which led me to trying it.

If magnesium has helped your symptoms then please post about it to encourage others and share the type/brand you are using. If it hasn't worked for you then please also post so we can try and work out why and help you.

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I take magnesium to help my joints also. I used to get terrible leg cramps at night and pains in my legs. It also helped my mood and helped me get over a period of depression and anxiety that I had been suffering for years. Thank you for posting. Merry Christmas.

Matt_Lockhart in reply to mena52

What kind of magnesium do you take?

I didn't realise there was so many different types until I started researching it!

I decided to use the glycinate because my pelvic floor dysfunction is made worse by stress and anxiety related guarding. The glycine helps to regulate the central nervous system so helps to calm anxiety and stress.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Not being rude , but the cheaper versions like mag citrate , mag stearate , are cheap and nasty and cause you a hell of a lot looser bowels than mag glycinate!


mena52 in reply to Matt_Lockhart

Hi Matt I take Mag365 Magnesium it's in powder form and I take it mixed with water just before bedtime. It's in a tub 150gm is quite expensive but lasts a long time. I bought three tubs Oct 2016 as it works out cheaper in bulk and I still have 2 tubs left now. Just realised it is magnesium citrate I take but it doesn't cause me any problems with loose bowels.

Do you have to take mag glycinate or can it be mag citrate? I'm in Australia and we don't have mag glycinate without a lot of other vitamins mixed in. i only want to try Mag without all the other stuff.

mena52 in reply to Lynette57

You might find this old webpage helpful:

Here you go :)

Citrate is ok as a last resort. Glycinate and malate are much better forms as they are absorbed better and have no laxative effect like the citrate and oxide types have.

jilltrot in reply to Lynette57

I get mag glycinate from Newton’s pharmacy on Sydney

Hi, yes I think supplementation with low dose Magnesium has helped me. I've not tried higher doses.

Taurine supplements have also helped, it has antispasmodic properties.

Cramp Bark (Viburnum Opulus) too.

I guess it's up to people to ascertain appropriate dosages and contraindications, if any, for themselves.

[I'm 32 year old male with 7+ year pelvic pain, not prostate-related or deeper pudendal nerve entrapment. Seems to be more to do with ligaments/muscles.]

Try slowly upping the dose of a magnesium with no laxative effect like mentioned above. You can also get magnesium Taurate so combines the 2 in 1 supplement, That is quite well absorbed and very little laxative effect too.

Ok Matt, I'll look into that. Thanks.

Any experience with natural Smooth Muscle relaxants? Cramp bark is meant to have some of these properties.

Mind if I ask how and when your condition started; and any process you went through in terms of seeing conventional Drs and having tests/scans?

Hi Matt

I take magnesium citrate specifically for the laxative effect as well as it helping ease cramp in my calf muscles.

But will try glycinate and get back to you

would magnesium be any good for the pain of pudendal neuralgia and pirififormis syndrome? Had it for 13 years. Have depomedrone piriformis Injs every 6 months, but they only last for 3-4 months. Main symptoms rectal pain and bowel spasm. I have been seeing chiropractor, only helped for 24 hrs so have just changed to different one. Pain very debilitating, have to lie down a lot. Am 73 & retired.Thanks in advance.

I think it should help yes. Magnesium is essential for muscle relaxation and nerve function so should be good for everything you describe above. Make sure you use magnesium glycinate :)

Many thanks, Matt

Hey Matt, new to the forum and found this older email trail. I take Magnesium Citrate now, but not seeing much improvement from my pudendal nerve and muscle pain. Would like to try the Magnesium Glycinate as you had suggested. Is the brand Solaray good? I see other's that are more expensive, curious to know which one you're using. A single pull is 400Mg, so I should be taking 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening? Look forward to your response.

CPPS_sucks in reply to ga138650

How’s it been working out for you i just bought the solar brand myself on my first day looking for any feedback!

Dipper1 in reply to ga138650

I tried KAL brand powder glyconate with Matt's instructions to go slowly and it cut the spasms down a lot.


Is the magnesium still working for you Matt? I’ve got mg bis-glycinate on order.

Matt.... Your recommendation of magnesium glyconate very slowly added has been a big game changer with my pelvic pain and my muscles from Ms as well... Magnesium never did much at all, until I took your advice and tried the glyconate form very slowly. I will be getting a complete vitamin and nutrient blood/urine lab work to check all my levels. Nice share with us!! Thanks

Since this was a while ago,just wondering if still doing well...I am about to try the masnesium glycinate

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