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On holidays- massive flare up, experiencing different pain to normal

Hey guys I have recently been diagnosed with pn, before I went on holidays in Europe I visited a physio and it seemed to cause a really bad flare aswell as the 24 hour plane ride, the pain has lasted for 8 days, I am scared I have caused further damage as a flare up only lasts like 3 days and am experiencing different pain such as really bad parathesia in the front of my vagina, and by the end of the day/ night an odd aching/shooting kind of pain up my vagina instead of my normal clitoris nerve stabbing pain I get, this is also accompanied by a wierd aching feeling and itch in my bum? I'm worried? Does any one else with pn get this? Can anyone recommend any thing to help.

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Try not to be scared. I know that's not easy but stress can make the pain worse. I have had PN for four years now and am at the moment on the worse flare up I've had since the original one. Ask your doctor to help. I take Gabapentin for nerve pain and someimes Amitriptyline, but your doctor will help find the right drug for you. Mostly try to stay calm and rest up every day if you can. PN doesn't like sitting for too long, so lay down to rest. Take care


Hi lala,

Are you still on holiday now? If it was a 24 hour flight, you must be a long way from home!

The flight itself would have made your pain worse, as it is so difficult to move around and get comfortable.

If you can see a Dr on your travel insurance, it might help if you could get some Anti-Anxiety medication. I agree with the first reply, fear makes things worse.

Whilst with the Dr, perhaps mention the new symptoms that are frightening you.

The explanation may simply be the length of the flight... However, he/she may be able to reassure you that taking Anti-Anxiety meds on the journey home, will help your body relax.

In my opinion, Europe is fairly good at helping you to see a Dr whilst on holiday.

Take care,

Suzi xx


Thanks guys for your replies! I'm

Not anxious it's just a little scary that I'm getting different pain that I dont usually get but before I went away I had the flare then went to the physio who was trying to fix my sacro illiac and then the length of the flight so it makes sence that it's lasted so long just annoying because I'm in Europe haha. The flare is starting to settle though which is good:) I'm just trying to avoid sitting down for too long and trying to lay down when I can. Thanks for the help xxx


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