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Hi Everyone!

Im wanting to get some advice regarding fertility. My boyfriend and I have stopped using any protection for the last year with the idea of 'what happens, happens' however nothing has happening and im aware of the fertility issues amongst PCD, can anyone advise steps they took for fertility treatments?

My doctor also advised that i shouldnt be trying to get pregnant without a plan in place by the hospital and that with my lungs it may not even be a possibility that my body is strong enough to carry a baby, has anyone else had similar?

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Hi, I’m a female with PCD & struggled, In the end we went down the IVF route and worked the second time.


Fertility problems may or may not be related to your PCD. It is always best to find a fertility clinic with doctors that recognize the aspects of PCD and how they manifest related to male/female fertility issues.

I would also seek a second opinion regarding the one your doctor gave you about how "with your lungs it may not even be a possibility that your body is strong enough to carry a baby", or at least insist on a detailed explanation on why he/she thinks that to be the case.

Coming from someone with PCD that went down the IVF route my advice would be to talk with a PCD specialist about the risk involving carrying out a pregnancy and secondly, find a good fertility clinic with doctors that already had experience helping someone with PCD conceive, or are at least are familiar with the condition.

Good luck and don't give up.

I have PCD with situs inversus and I had my daughter thru IVF. My daughter was a full term baby and healthy even thou I got pneumonia at 37 weeks into pregnancy with diabetes. Take care of yourself and work with your doctor's too stay as healthy as you possible can.

Good luck and keep us posted.

I have PCD, had to have IVF and ended up having twins with our first round . I was ok during most of the pregnancy but exhausted towards the later stages and ended up having an emergency c section at 36 weeks. I was not well during the c section - thought I was going to drown on my own mucus, ended up in the high dependency ward with suspected pulmonary embolism because i couldn’t cough up my mucus as i was trying to lie still during the op and then afterward I was too sore to cough.

I think I should have had respiratory physio before the operation. I have had other operations since and I now get a spinal block a bit higher in order to block pain so that I am able to cough during the recovery period without too much pain.

I have been told by the fertility dr not to risk my life having anymore children.

I was really healthy leading up to the IVF sessions - jogging daily, no caffeine, no alcohol and my lungs were good. My IVF dr wanted me to go off all of my respiratory meds which I said no to.

I would seek respiratory advice and get a plan in place.

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