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PCD without cough?


Does anyone have PCD without breathing issues or a persistent cough? My son has had sinus issues since he was born but has never been diagnosed with anything. He does not have a cough, however his nose has literally never stopped running and he has constant infections. He's had his adenoids removed, sinus surgeries, ear infections, been tested for cystic fibrosis and allergies, etc. My mother has the same issue so it's very likely hereditary. My son is now 19, but I'd still like to figure out what has caused this. The doctors said he would grow out of it, but that hasn't happened. I recently came across PCD and some of the symptoms were so similar that I decided to research it a little more. Thank you for any advice you may have.

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Hi - very unlikely to be pcd ... most people with pcd have some sort of chest issues. Has your son tried nasal douching? I too have a runny nose (although I don’t have pcd my sons do) which is related to allergies - I find nasal douching very helpful. Best wishes fiona

My daughter only has the cough when she has an infection. She always starts with a headache and sore throat, which after two days (of high fever) usually turns into a cough. I have recently discovered a salt spa in our area. Recently, I have taken my daughter there immediately after the first signs of any issues. I think it actually works! I have only done this during the fall and spring allergy season and not during the winter cold and flu. I was concerned about the filtration system recirculating the flu and didn’t want to take the risk. However, I have since learned their system does not recirculate and all salt is pushed out of system at end of session, except salt on the ground of course. I am working with the owners to see if we can come up with some sort of a package plan to try the therapy on a regular basis for prevention instead of treatment. I have tried reaching out to Chapel Hill (PCD clinic), but have not connected at this time to see if they have done or would be willing to do any studies on this type of therapy. My thought is that if we can prevent it from getting into the chest, we will be one step closer to making life more maneable for people with PCD.

So, my daughter does not cough all the time and in the summer, she has very few problems. However, when she is ill, the coughing is relentless! My daughter always says she will have a 6 pack of abs after one of her illnesses from all the muscle contractions.

Does your child get lung infections or do you feel you are somehow stopping the infection at the sinus level by certain treatments you doing?


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