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Missing School Again!!!


Harrison who is 13 has an average school attendance of 64%

Due to 2 week courses of IVs , hospital appointments and generally feeling unwell .

This Year has been the worse so far !!

He is a good student & gives 110% when at school and his grades are average . In some subjects he’s doing better than some who are there all the time .

What worries us is that with GCSE upon us soon I’m wondering if other children have missed as much school as Harrison and if so how have they managed with exams etc ??!!

Another duvet day today 😢

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Hi Harrison’s Mummy,

I’m sorry to hear he’s poorly at the moment and hope he’s back to his usual self soon.

Im a 30 yr old PCD sufferer and qualified teacher in further education, although I don’t have children of my own, I can speak from my experience which may (I hope will) provide some reassurance.

School was a really difficult time for me for various reasons including health. Within a year of secondary school I dropped from being in top sets to bottom sets and whilst I passed all my GCSE’s they weren’t amazing.

What’s wonderful is that your son gives 110% when at full health and that’s something that can’t be taught. Of course, I can fully understand why you’re concerned about his learning and missing vital information but I’m sure his own motivation, willing to learn and determination will carry him through.

It’s hard because the education system is mainly measured on numbers-Attendance and Grades And isn’t a true reflection of progression, development for that individual.

There’s always a way to reach goals, or have his dream career, even if it has to take a little longer with your sons determination I’m sure it won’t be a prob :)

I graduated at the age of 27 and It felt great that I achieved that regardless of age and now also own my own business.

If there is Work Harrison can do at home on days he feels he can when he’s off that would be great but try not to worry tooooo much about the future as I’m sure Harrison will have a successful career based on his general attitude to life and learning (which is much more than many of my students have without being poorly!)

Sending speedy recovery wishes.


Thank you so much for replying,

I read this with tears in my eyes so lovely to hear how well you have done .

I’ve read this to Harrison & his Dad .

Thank you for sharing your story it’s made us all feel a little bit better 😀


There are certain concessions regarding children with chronic illness, it may be worth checking out the following. gov.uk/illness-child-education

Our child is only 8, so a long way off GCSEs yet, but this is something I am also keen to avoid, particularly when attendance is low. Amongst other concessions such as rest breaks, exam concessions etc.. there is also legislation in place that stipulates children who are off school for 15 days or more in any given school year, should have alternative, flexible provision. I'm not sure what this would entail, or how it would work, but perhaps it's worth looking into?

Best wishes to you & your son.


Thank you for taking the time to reply .

Harrison is part of Senco which is set in place when and if he needs it . His school feels at the moment he is doing really well so doesn’t need to be taken out of class to catch up which is what Senco is . But we are worried about exams next year !!

Thank you for sharing the link I’m going to read it now x

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Hi... we got a tutor in when the boys missed loads of school in Year 9. It helped keep their confidence going when they had missed such a lot of school but appreciate it is a pricey option. both my boys managed to get a good set of GCSE's and A Levels ... although one took an extra year to get his A Levels. School were very accommodating and really supported them both in 'Year 14' to make sure they were able to go onto the next stage of education. E at uni now doing Finance and Accounting and G at drama school. Good luck!


Sorry to hear. I'm 16 and I have the same attendance problem due to my PCD. Just keep on fighting and keeping smile on your face. School is stressful and especially if you miss tons of days. The most important thing is your health. Just makes sure the school understands his diagnosis and always get a doctors note when you can just to add some back up!

Wishing for the best!


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