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Glue Ear

Hi everyone,

Does anyone else suffer with their ears alllll the time?

I had an op about 13 years ago and unfortunately was un successful. Antobiotics don’t even touch it therefore don’t take them unless I get a pain also.

Interestingly something triggers it. I can’t work out whether it’s a certain caffeine, chemical (found in Diet Coke), type of sugar or something else. My ears are worse between certain hours of the day and after certain drinks/food

A couple of years ago I did a juice week, and amazing it completely(!!!!!) cleared up, which when you’re having to leave a classroom you’re teaching in 3-4 times in an hour made a huge difference in my life ! It stayed this way for a number of months, although I’m unsure if it’s the volume of nutrients I was getting that did this or something else.

Living completely on juices isn’t practical not advisable but I’m curious to a) what the triggers could be and b) what it is that I was intaking during juicing that helped clear this up.

Does anyone else have experience in this?


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Sorry to hear about your problem.

My son has PCD and we feel that avoiding dairy produts, fizzy drinks, alcool, sugar and any gluten products reduces the mucus, inflamation and infections. Oats free from gluten, rice and gluten free pasta, are a good alternative.

Also in our diet we increased the fresh fruits and the vegetables like broccoli, cavalo nero black kale, salads with a lot of lemon juice and olive oil( extra virgin), watercress and lots of green leaves, coriander , including cabbage ( red or green) which have anti- inflammatory properties.

Sometimes we do juicing like cabbage leaves and or other green leaves, apple , fresh ginger and turmeric powder with a little of pepper . Turmeric, black pepper and fresh garllic are natural antibiotics. The ideal would be to cut meat from diet as well, but at least the red meat.

We use cocunot oil or olive oil to cook with.

We do also clean vegetables and fruits leaving them in a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate for, at least , one hour. This procedure cleans the agro-toxics.

Appart from that he has vitamins and mineral supplements such has Vitamin C, a good multivitaminic, vitamin D, Omega3,6 and 9 as well as probiotics and drinks a lot of water.

Obviously one has to be careful with personal allergies or intolerancies but the ideal is to reduce anything that causes acidity in the body and we believe that "We are what we eat" . The fact is that we have noticed improvements on his health and specially less infections.

Hope this is helpfull to you and you get better soon.

Maria Windle



Sorry to hear about your ear problems.

Fortunately for me I don't have those kind of issues, my only issue is hearing loss, which I have had pretty much all my life, although it has gotten worse the older I get.

I eat anything and everything to help maintain my weight, and also drink plenty of caffeine!

I hope things sort themselves out soon for you.


Hi FPolly,

Like TerryBun, my issue with my ears is deafness. I've found using the Otovent balloons really works for me and has reduced my deafness substantially since I started using them.


Thank you Andy70 I have never heard of this product (Good to know)

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I am not sure what the cause is but I suffer from ear problems as well.

For me I have been trying to perform my nasal rinse at least twice a day following some simple exercises with the hope to drain my blocked Eustachian tubes. I try to slowly wriggle my jaw froward and back and then side to side and then afterwards I hold my nose and take a breath and hold breath for a second like I am going to take a drive. This exercise seems to help only if I do not have an infection present but I tend to hear a throbbing noise for a few seconds afterward.


Our daughter had surgery on her right ear last year, to try and reinflate her ear drum as there was a large retraction pocket that was discharging intermittently, and repeatedly grew Pseudonomas. Her left ear was generally ok, other than the usual issues with persistent glue. However, this year it became badly infected with foul smelling discharge, and now barely 3 months since her last review, we've been told that this eardrum has also collapsed, and has developed a large severe retraction pocket, and it has become adhered to the underlying structures, so cannot be inflated. They are concerned as it is quite extensive, and suspicious for cholesteatoma.


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