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Heat abroad effects someone with PCD ?

We have recently been on holiday to Portugal with our boys. One of whom has PCD.

The weather has been very hot but we are every careful as he is very fair. Kept him Covered up etc.

However we have had2 nights not consecutive. Where he said he felt really cold. So much so he's teeth were actually chattering.

He was actually burning up.

He was also breathing very heavy and sweating a lot. Next day on both occasions back to normal.

All a bit strange really and very worrying at the time.

Just wondered if anyone else has ever had this on holiday in extreme heat

Thanks Emma (Oscars mum)

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Hi Emma

Yes my boys used to get affected by the heat too when they were small - I think they were just a bit more susceptible to heat stroke. Have no scientific reason for it but probably worth mentioning when next seeing consultant.

Fiona :)

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Thanks Fiona. I will mention it.

We are back Wednesday and see consultant Thursday. Will mention it to him.


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