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Febrile convulsion

Hi just wondering if your child has seizure when hv fever due to infection? my daughter ( 28 mths has situs inversus and pcd) has had 2 febrile convulsion in last 4 months. It is very frightening to watch


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Sorry didn't happen with my boys. I understand it is something small children grow out of but I am sure it is very frightening.


My son had a febrile seizure at 18 months, but fortunately none since. He is now almost 3 years old. He also has PCD with situs inversus, but the febrile seizures are not related. Many children have febrile seizures that they eventually outgrow (I did as a child, too). It is horribly scary, & with a condition like PCD where a fever can occur more frequently, the seizures add another stress. The seizures occur more often with a very sudden spike in temperature, so if you notice your little one getting ill, it is best to keep a close eye on temp. We have had to strip my son down & place cold, wet washcloths on him & sit under a fan to cool off when Tylenol & Motrin are not enough. But that seems to work since no more seizures! Best of luck- I hope your little one outgrows it!


Hello Lucy. My daughter was not diagnosed until 6 yrs old. She would have rigors / febrile fits every month from 6 months old until 3 years. She would go very cold then start the rigors . At the point She went cold and clammy I gave her paracetomol and Ibuprofen together before the temp shot up to over 40 centigrade . This worked for her. They were related to ear infection which occurred every 2 weeks . She would get antibiotics then exactly 7 days after the course of treatment she would start with another ear infection . The answer for her was prophylactic antibiotics .

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