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Have just bought a house in the UK and have been refused life insurance by one procider. Broker is looking around for another but the first one said it was specifically because of Kartagerners (I also have a PCD). Anyone else with both conditions been able to get life insurance?

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  • Hi Not sure about the life insurance but here we don't really use Kartagener's as a description - for insurance purposes it will be PCD with situs inversus (however situs inversus should not affect life insurance at all). hope that helps.

  • Perhaps that's where I've gone wrong. It just seems so odd. I'll speak to the broker again tomorrow and see what she says.

  • Hello Emma,

    I'm hoping someone else in the UK sees this and is able to give you some advice, I tried many years ago to get life insurance and like you found it very difficult, I think we found a couple of insurers willing to offer cover, but the premiums were a ridiculous amount, so I just gave up in the end. Maybe things have changed, as at one time travel insurance was extremely difficult to get cover for, but seems somewhat easier now (at a premium of course!).

    You mention you have two conditions, which may not help, as the medical advice lines the insurance companies use, go by a list of known conditions, by saying you have two conditions just doubles up the whammy in their eyes (remember they are not medical people) and they just don't want to take the risk. If you have Kartageners you have PCD regardless, they are not two separate conditions. As mentioned by Fiona you are better off saying you have PCD with situs inversus.

    Good luck.

  • I live in Canada, but I got turned down for personal life insurance about three years ago and now for a mortgage renewal and increase as well as disability. I used the terms PCD and situs inverses, but I also have bronchiectasis. I am not sure if that is the reason why? It was quite a shock both times. In the big picture I still own the house and will keep working to pay it off without paying the insurance. I have two boys, so if something happens they will get the equity in it, or can take it over themselves if they are old enough.

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