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Ibuprofen vs Acetaminophen

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Hi guys

I have recently had some intense oral surgery and was prescribed Ibuprofen (not least due to its anti inflammatory properties). Consulting the www was a bust. There are sites that warn against ibuprofen with a PBC diagnosis (stage 0-1) and then there is the fact that ibuprofen does not get processed by the liver but acetaminophen does.

What advice have you been given for the occasional emergency use of NSAIDS?



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I recently had a fracture of my T7 vertebrae. Extreme pain. My liver doc, who is great, said I could take 300 mg three times a day. Tylenol 1000mg twice a day. 5mg Valium to sleep. Not forever. Just until problem resolved. She is careful and conservative but not an alarmist. There is also a synthetic narcotic that works very well tramadol, requires prescription, but causes constipation. But hopefully your current pain is subsiding as swelling goes down after 3 days.

For yearsvi too stayed away from taking it but with last major surgery ..they showed that taking alive instead because I am stage 4 liver has caused kidney issues so they put me on tylenol for limited time and insist I occasionally take that because the kidney damage is worse . I was so worried about doing only what was right for my liver I didn't realize that as our liver gets worse so do our kidneys. I have had liver forb27nyears and been stage 4 for 9 so if you follow good practices and take your urso every day all is fine only surgeries for other stuff throws your body for a loop for a while. Hope this helps but as always discuss your concern with the professional..your doctor.

The reason for no ibuprofen is because it increases blood pressure. Basically if your prone to that you shouldn't take it at all (my bro found that out from his dr after his never went down). With PBC that means it can cause more varicies if you are at the point or have a problem with them. Tylenol they limit to 2000mg/day which is 1000mg under the recommended dose for a healthy person. My problem with it is that they keep changing what is a "safe dose" and keep lowering it. Arnica cream on the outside of your mouth will help as long as you're not prone to bleeding. Personally through traveling stage 4 I had oxy for the pain

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Thanks that’s helpful. I certainly would like to discuss it with the hep specialist but my requests for answer were met with … silence so far. The healthcare system is just too stressed right now (or always was)

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OdinsMom in reply to Knoesel

That's always best as only they are aware of your full medical picture. It really is more stage/symptom related with PBC

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