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Intermittent fasting for PBC

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Hi all! Has anyone here tried intermittent fasting to control symptoms and improve their health? When my alk phos creeped back up into pre URSO levels, I decided to try time restricted feeding because some of the research shows that when the gut is rested regularly for more than 12 hours, repair of the cells lining the gut takes place and inflammation goes down. I have been following the same healthy Mediterranean diet, but I only eat now between 12 pm and 6 pm, giving my gut an 18 hour rest daily.

The very unexpected result is much less joint pain and almost ZERO digestive symptoms. I also had developed a small inflammatory toe infection that completely cleared up! I'll be getting my enzymes repeated in a few days and will report on those. I was just wondering if anyone else had tried intermittent fasting and/or read the studies on it. I'll post some if anyone here is interested.

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I did try it for a couple of weeks but found it difficult to stick to, I lost a lot of weight too (which I needed to and still do!)so I really should give it a better go. Perhaps if I planned it better.

I would be really interested to see what effect it has on your liver results x

I have. I feel like IF and eating clean has made the most difference for me personally.. We all are different, but no gluten, grains or dairy and IF works for my body. When I fall off the wagon, my blood work seems to not be as good as when I follow healthy eating...🧐

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danaLL in reply to Jjcale

Me too!!!

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Pbcer2016 in reply to Jjcale

Without grains or dairy can you tell me what you can eat? I assume fruits, vegetables and meats perhaps. Last night all I had for dinner was a plate of roasted beets and have been paying for them since 3 am without many breaks.

Just curious.

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Dinasmom in reply to Pbcer2016

Oh no! Just roasted beets?? That doesn't sound appetizing at all. Technically speaking, intermittent fasting is all about the time interval you eat, not WHAT you eat. Personally I still eat dairy and whole wheat bread. The interesting thing about my experience with IF, is that my enzymes dropped and my symptoms improved without any changes to my diet at all. That said, I do eat healthy and avoid processed food and sugar, and I limit red meat. If you read the science behind IF, most researchers believe that during fasting the bowel is able to shift into a repair mode which decreases inflammation and intestinal permeability or "leaky gut." I noticed a dramatic decrease in bloating and digestive issues since eating this way. I pray you'll find what works for you and never eat an entire meal of roasted beets again!

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Pbcer2016 in reply to Dinasmom

Glad it is working well for you! I’m almost 4y out from transplant and have to be careful to eat consistently with my immunosuppression meds because food and the lack of it changes blood levels.

Perhaps I can do a minimal amount of foods during the fasting periods.

Thanks again.

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Dinasmom in reply to Pbcer2016

In your case, especially, I'd make sure you check with your MD first. Good luck!

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Jjcale in reply to Pbcer2016

Yikes! Someone years ago told me about a website/ book called the perfect health diet. It was more a lifestyle change, and that is mainly what I follow. So meat, chicken, Fish,Eggs, veges, salad, bone broth . White potatoes, yams, and small amount of white rice.. If I eat any dairy it is goat milk, which works best for me.. Small amount of fruit like berries and an occasional apple. And intermittent fasting.. Eating in an 8 hour window. Best of luck.. I do love beets though😉

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Meila in reply to Jjcale

When my son was small he had milk allergies but could drink goat's milk because the curd is smaller than cow's milk. You might be able to have yogurt also because it is partially digested, thus the yogging! Good luck to you.

I’m interested in your results. How long have you been doing it?

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Dinasmom in reply to IAmTheGlue

I am at 32 consecutive days of fasting from 6pm after dinner, to 12 pm the next day; an 18 hour daily fast. I allow myself 2 cups of coffee, no sugar, with a small amt of cream during the fasting hours.

Keep us updated, interesting

Labs are being repeated tomorrow so as soon as I know, I will post the results.

I am wondering how you take your urso with this type of fasting?? I take some in the morning and the evening - with food. But I would like to try this to help some symptoms. I would love to have less joint pain. And I would be interested in the studies you mentioned. Much Thanks.

I take my URSO with the coffee in the morning. I have never experienced any side effects at all taking it, with or without food.

would love to know results. Have been doing something similar but not as disciplined as what you described. My labs are better than they have been since diagnosis almost 11 years ago and almost all are within normal range.

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Dinasmom1 in reply to danaLL

Liver enzymes came back normal today! Will be repeated again next month prior to my appointment with my hepatologist.

That’s great! I haven’t gotten a blood test since Feb because I don’t want to venture to doctor’s office as we are still in covid19 isolation.

I have to give IF another try. I was trying to do it but it was hard with my work schedule. But now that I am WFH, will try again.

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danaLL in reply to Dinasmom1

yay! That is great

This is very interesting can you provide some more info? I would love to try this and see if it helped my alk phosphate levels and my joint pains! Thanks!

There are numerous articles online about the benefits of fasting relating to chronic inflammation and disease. You'll find some on YouTube as well. Here are three to get you started:

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Purply in reply to Dinasmom

Thank you! I will definitely look at these articles

I have been doing it since December. No back ache- energy, brain fog gone- Love it!!!!! Will have blood work at the end of the month. I do the One Meal A Day fasting and highly recommend Gin Stephens book- Delay Don’t Deny.

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Dinasmom in reply to Sam1121

Make sure you post your blood work results! I don't kid myself that I can cure myself this way, but so far, my own results do give me the confidence that I can better manage this disease through intermittent fasting.

Very interesting 🧐

I would like to give it a try but the biggest problem is that I don’t want to loose weight.

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Dinasmom in reply to Sona_akb

I did not need to lose weight either, and I haven't. I eat approximately the same amount as before, just within my 6 hour eating window. I definitely don't snack as much, or have the urge, but I have maintained a healthy weight.

I would try this but I have problems with pain and nausea if I go long periods without eating. Does anyone else have this problem?

I get nausea only if I am too hungry. But with IF you are allowed to have plain coffee & tea (no sugar) even during fasting times. When I first tried it, it made me really nauseated. I slowly eased into it.

Now I only drink coffee with either milk or unsweetened almond milk in the morning when I wake up. Then I have a light snack or a lunch type meal depending on my hunger level at 11ish. Then I will either have a lunch or light snack at 1-2 ish. Then maybe another light snack if I am hungry 4ish or I skip it. I try to eat dinner before 9 pm. Throughout the day I sip on unsweetened iced tea.

Ninjagirlwebb thank you I will have to try this

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Dinasmom in reply to EGieron

I think you will discover, as I did, that your body adapts to your eating style. There is research that shows that the food we eat affects our microbiome. My hep told me that IF had changed my intestinal flora to a healthier colony, hence the elimination of the cramping, diarrhea, gas, etc. But IF also decreases inflammation and I think that may be responsible for the lowering of my enzymes. Good luck!

After reading all the good info on this site, I made some major changes to my lifestyle. I started IF, eat fairly healthy during my 8 hrs. (low carbs & fat), take fish oil daily, and get atleast 20 min. of sun a day. Only been at it for 2 weeks now but am fairly amazed at how much better I feel already. Itching and stomach upset/bloating has basically disappeared! I can’t wait to get my next lab results to see how all phos had responded.

I strongly recommend IF !

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Dinasmom in reply to CGPB

So happy for you! Let us know how your labs look. My alk phos is normal now and for 2 months has been trending down. Hope you get good news!

Hi I’d be really interested, thanks Michelle.

I love intermittant fasting. I'm not really a breakfast eater and can wait until 11am, no problem. Then it's nothing after 7 pm I struggle with.I did it for acid reflux a few years ago and lost 20 lbs.

But.. But.. But...

Has anyone experienced gall bladder/ bile problems? Sudden loss of weight triggers the bile production/ gall bladder. Sigh. I can't win...

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