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Mucus and sore throat


It’s been a week since being diagnosed with Stage 2 PBC. My doctor stopped the Ursodiol two days ago because I starts having side effects. I went to my primary care yesterday thinking I had strep or the flu. Everything came back negative. He was unable to treatment for anything. My throat is so sore and mucus is on the left side of my throat that causes me to bring it up constantly. Is there anything I can do or take? Any help is appreciated.

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I just got back from the ER to find out it’s tonsillitis. On steroids and antibiotics to do follow up with the ENT on Friday. Thanks to the PBC Nurse Practitioner for sending me to the ER this evening

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OMG you have my sympathy! I had tonsillitis so many times as a small child they yanked my tonsils out when I was only 6 years old.

All I can say is if you have to get a tonsillectomy dont believe the doctor if he tells you youll be able to eat as much ice cream as you want. They gave me ice cream after I woke up from the surgery (the cold helps stop blood loss) but it hurt like hell to eat it! LOL

Im willing to bet that all your symptoms are from the tonsillitis and that you should go back on the Urso right away. If I were you Id call that nurse practitioner tomorrow and ask about restarting it. You want to do whatever you can to protect your liver.

Take care and hope you feel better soon.



From what I have heard ursodiol is a necessary evil to keep from staging up. My doc never told me this but ev ch manufacture of ursodiol uses different additives or bases. I suffered through flu like some symptoms for the first three that I tried. I tried them for one to two weeks at a time. Let my body recoup and then tried another one. The fourth one was the charm! It took a little while for my system to get used to it i.e. the first couple of days were pretty much attached to the toilet. But after the first couple days I was able to tolerate it and now my numbers have been consistently within normal range for a while. Try...try...try another manufacturer. There are at least eight. Also try to ramp up from a lower dose. Instead of taking 1000 one time a day I had my doc prescribe same dose in 250 mg tablets and split them up. At first taking half of 250 four times a day. Then ramped up to correct dose but took a couple weeks to get there. And always take with food. What works for one person may not work for another so you really have to just go through them yourself. But the one that worked for me was PAR.

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Funny because PAR is the one that bothers me the most! Just shows we are all different

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My pharmacy changed from ACTAVIS to PAR like every other month .... ACTAVIS brand is ok for me ... with the PAR pharmaceuticals .. I have some of the side effects .. especially the hair loss !! ACTAVIS was perfect for me !

I am going to ask my Dr if I can take Mucinex for that .... I do have allergies as well, so I’m gonna go see if I can start getting allergy shots as well.

I was told that it was acceptable for me to take Mucinex D. It has helped quite a bit. I’m very cautious with it, and only take it when really necessary. It has saved my days and nights.

I have taken Mucinex DM during allergy/cold season. It is fine, but check with your doctor for your specific circumstances to be safe.

Warm water and salt gargles. Tea with honey and lemon as well


Thanks everyone. However, it all was due to me being allergic to Ursodiol.

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