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Well, the Urso hasn’t worked like before, so my doctor has added Ocaliva to my list of medication. I started taking it once a day and had the itching side effect. So, instead of wanting to literally peel off the first layer of skin, I wanted to go deeper. It’s crazy, I know...so when I told my doctor that, he put me on Ocaliva (5ml) once a week. The itching has decreased (I would rather have it go away) and we will see what he says about my blood work that I have to get done on 7/21...God Bless!

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Hi Pamela, I've had PBC and Autoimmune Hepatitis for almost 8 years now. I know all too well about the itching. My doctor prescribed Cholestyramine for the itching which really helps. I also take Ocaliva, Ursidol, and Azathioprine. My ALT/AST have been stable which is great. I hope your bloodwork came back positive.

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