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how long does it take to receive the backdated monies due to you after winning your tribunal

I was given 0 points at my ATOS ,medical, after 3 years of handing in doctors sick notes. I attended my Tribunal last week and was awarded 24!!! points with a recommendation that I not be re-assessed for 2 years. I've had 7 months of stress, sleepless nights & non-stop worry. My heart goes out to anyone who has had to wait longer than myself, I don't know if i could have. But my main question is WHAT HAPPENS NOW??? I am due to be paid in 2 days, does my rate go up immediately? What about backdated monies? caa someone out there help me ,PLEASE!!

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I'm sorry I don't know the answer to this but you may find this useful.....



from what others have said there appears to be quite a wait for backdated money. your best bet is to phone the benefits people and ask them. As for whether your payment tomorrow would be at the new amount depends on how long it takes the tribunals decision to reach the people who make the payments.

glad you can stop worrying about it now as the stress dosent help at all.


Sorry to put a dampener on things but I also have just won 2 appeals at tribunal but when I phoned DLA to ask about payment they informed me they are appealing the Tribunal result and that I would have to attend a doctors assessment.

I have quickly researched this and have found that they can only appeal on a point of law, and that the likelyhood is that they are questioning the "statement of reasons" and this is basically stalling tactics and apparently part of what they call "indefinite delay" and can go on for years.

If your are lucky and they "hurry" things up then you will probably wait about 6 to 8 weeks.


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