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ACE results


Just had a report from the consultant. Including blood results. ANA and AMA are positive. ACE levels slighly elevated to 61.. IDoes anyone else have raised ACE. They are testing me for sarcoidosis. After about 7 years still not have been put on urso or any other meds. The thinking seems to be the less meds you take the less the liver has to cope with. When I read about all of you being on Urso I get very confused. I have to admit I react very badly to medication and as my GP says if there is a bad side effect I would be sure to have it.

Very anxious at the moment keep telling myself to keep calm but it is easier said than done.

Hope you are having a lovely sunny day as we are in the isle of Man. Going to have a trip to Ramsey this afternoon to attend an M.E meeting. Just another of my illnesses.

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Hi there are you're liver functions elevated also when you say M.E do you mean chronic fatigue syndrome as they now call it I was diagnosed with this before pbc was found turns out that it was the pbc causing the awful fatigue and symptoms not M.E doctors of give you the M.E label when they don't know or can't find what's wrong with you but in your case your results are telling them about the pbc by the AMA and the Ana is usually an indicator of autoimmune problems if your liver functions have been raised i would insist on urso my pbc was found before my liver functions started to rise recently but I have still been given urso by the way I now have been undiagnosed with the M.E I always knew I didn't have it I always knew something else was causing unfortunately I was right good luck and push for answers as you'll see from this site a lot of doctors are not to clued up on this illness my doctors ignored my results for 6 years insisting I didn't have it but when I found out about the positive Ama I insisted on seeing a consultant who diagnosed it straight away good luck with everything xx

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