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PBC and Fibro Myalgia

There seems to be a mix up over what my pain is - Fibro or something else. The Liver doctor does not think it is to do with my PBC. Now I have sinus pain and toothpain- soon to have a root canal -and am on ERYTHROMYCIN which makes me itchy. Anyway seems sinus or tooth have affected each other..great!!i Root Canal will be very expensive as I have to go to a specialist - anyone know a good one in East Midlands?

I was diagnosed with PBC way back in 1991 and have taken no medication. The Uri?? made me feel sick and there is not enough proof to ascertain that it really does work. My symptons luckily are few except for the problems I get with pain killers and tablets as Doctors are cautious to prescribe and I get a bit sick on them all.

I often think that the NOW pain is the one to think about as it stops my life - so have gone onto three co-codamal a day along with amitryptiline 15mg at night ...and hope that the PBC doesnt get too much worse. Doctor has OKd this. I am 62 and have had PBC around 22 years, so for the newly diagnosed - this illness does not always act fast and it can hold off for many years, sometimes for ever.

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Went to Thailand in January and met loads of people having their dental work(root canal included) over there as it was so cheap and recommended by dentists over here. It cost less to go there for 2 weeks with flights etc than to do it here and you get a holiday thrown in!!


Trouble is follow up care...sometimes a specialist is not happy to put right any wrongs from medical work done in a two week package overseas....shame!


Apparently now they have found fibro patients are low on coenzyme q10.

I have both pbc and fibro but I find the two symptoms quite different from the other.

Fibro I find more muscular and pbc more in my joints. Since having pbc my inflamation markers also rise.

In regards to going overseas for dental work to me it would be too risky and I haven't heard the best stories either about after care :)


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