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esa tribunal was dreadful

hi everyone i had my esa tribunal today in belfast it took me 13 months to get here after there origanal decision to give me 0 points>> i think and have a good feeling i failed as i had no legal representive and with my appeal being over a year ago it felt like a police interview dammn i know i screwed up today:(:( the appointment lasted about 25 mins there was a dr a judge and a clerk and also someone from ESA was meant to be there but didnt show up THE IRONY eh well i was questioned like a criminal and i got upset during the process as the dr kept asking about how long do i watch tv?/ now i rose my voice to the dr saying "i dont know who doesn't watch tv and what has that got to do with my health" also i asked why for 10 years on incapcity benefit i passed with plenty of points to spare until ATOS first medical i got 0 points its clearly not right and its flawed ..so there you go i had a fall out with the dr i know this was my own doing but i was only standing up for myself and other people who dont speak up. Anyhow as i say they told me too wait in the hall a couple off minutes and the clerk came over too me and says they didnt tell him there answer yet so il recieve it in post in couple of days time , i fear iv'e lost for standing up for myself also ive heard if you win they tell you then and there??? sorry folks for going on but my dr continues to give me sicknotes and from what ive been reading can i reapply for esa straight away as the original decision was over 12 months ago never mind 6 months ?? any help would be great..

all the best people take care thank you

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contact the PBC Foundation for help


Hi Linda I'm new here so don't know what you mean ? Thanks


Google PBC Foundation, Tom13. Then you can ring them & they may be able to advise you.


The Foundation supports people like yourself who have lots of questions and need support with PBC. They have been around for 20 years and have huge experience in everything related to PBC

pbcfoundation.org.uk/ good luck


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