Hi i was wondering if anybody can give me some advice, i was told i have PBC three years ago and take urso 8 tablets a day and also omepraole for the acid. I came down with a very bad cold over christmas and ended up with a chest infection and have now been sighned off work for the past four weeks. I have been feeling very run down and tired, doing housework alone makes me out of breathe. The problem is i realy dont feel i am ready to go back to work (im, a single parent with 3 children 18, 16 & 13). The thing is my job is very hard/ manual alot of lifting heavy boxes and crates and putting big orders away. i dont now much about benefits and things like that. i did ring dwp and they just sugested i made an appointment with citizens advice.

does anyone have any advice please

(age 44)

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  • Lift your eyelids down and see if you have any blood. Sounds like you could be anaemic. Think you need to go back to your doctor to have your chest infection checked. Might have turned to pneumonia.

  • At least go back to your doctor & get signed off for as long as needed!!

  • Sorry I've not answered before , I went through similar over Christmas even found myself in casualty with breathing difficulties, the good news is it gets better with time, but you are under a lot of pressure with being a single parent etc, I've done some of that in the past so I know. Going back to your doctor sounds like a good idea to start so does citizens advice, contact the foundation they may be able to help with some contact names and numbers. Most important get help, don't do it alone all of us on this site want to help support where we can. even if its only a supportive message. Good luck.

  • Thanks philippastcarin ive been to the doctors again today and signed off work for another 2 weeks. I am getting more blood tests done tomorrow and they think i may have a low vitamin D so will have to wait and see what that comes up with

  • As a volunteer and also a Health & Safety practitioner, your employer has a duty of care under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 and the Management of H&S Regs. He must take into consideration your physical abilities and also any health problems that you may have, in order to allow you to undertake your work in a safe manner and without further risk to your general health. In general, the person should suit the work, but the work should also suit the person. This is one aspect of addressing the situation and a good employer should make all reasonable attempts to achieve this without any penalty to yourself.

  • well just been to the doctors and been told i have very low vitamin d, so got pills to take for the next 2 months and also was told that my liver has got worse, he never went in to detail, just asked if i had an appointment yet to see my consultant at the hospital, which havent heard yet. Dont like this waiting game :(

  • Alison, give us a call if you wish.


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