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Hi i just wondered about my LFT's i didnt really take every thing in at the consultants app... i have noticed on a few Q and A's i was told that a normal test results would be 175 but i noticed mine was 740 is this bad i'm on urso and dont see my consultant till march although my diabetic nurse helps me as much as she can.....im tired ,no energy, pains in my legs i feel pretty crap to be honest.:O(

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Hi sooty1 740 is high but have you just been diagnosed? If so the URSO should bring that down to a more normal level - it did for me.

Hopefully once your liver calms down you might feel a bit better. Unfortunately the tiredness is a symptom of PBC and one most of us struggle with. As for the pains in your legs I would talk to your GP about that.


This is one of the most asked questions on here..

You have to remember that LFT's are made up of not one, but several blood tests, all the tests collectively give a snap shot of the state of your liver at the time the test was taken.

The tests are generally looked at over time so the doctor can get a picture of what is going on. If you are talking about an Alk Phos reading, you also have to remember that whilst it might be high, lots and lots of things can cause a spike in this reading, from having a cold, and lots of other reasons.

Try not to get worried and just add it to the list of questions that you can ask your specialist about next time you see him. he will be able to explain what your blood tests mean for you.


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